Crowbar On His Career Resurgence: It's Been A Lot Of Fun, I'm Having A Great Time

Crowbar discusses his career resurgence.

Throughout his career, Crowbar, also known as Devon Storm, has worked for WWF, WCW, ECW, and TNA, among other promotions. He is a former WCW Cruiserweight Champion, and he held the WCW Tag Team Championship once, among other accolades. In recent years, Crowbar has enjoyed a career resurgence as he has ramped up his wrestling schedule and worked more dates for a variety of companies, such as Beyond Wrestling, Black Label Pro, and ISPW. Additionally, Crowbar wrestled at NJPW The Night Before Rumble On 44th Street: A Halloween Special, among other recent highlights.

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In an interview with Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp, Crowbar was asked about his career resurgence. The veteran made it clear that he's having fun, and he love wrestling. He stated that he's enjoying this run, as plenty of opportunities have popped up.

"It’s been a lot of fun. I always say this when I do an interview, when I was breaking into the business, it was never fashionable to express how much you enjoy what you do. I freaking love wrestling. I’ve been doing it 31 years. I don’t know what this resurgence is. I don’t know. I’m just having a great time and a lot of cool unexpected opportunities have popped up and I’m really enjoying it. It’s really cool," Crowbar said.

He went on to describe how he also loves his career as as physical therapist, and he pursued it alongside professional wrestling. Crowbar recalled how he was a full-time student during his time with WCW and ECW. He also noted that it's rewarding to help other wrestlers with his skills as a physical therapist.

"I’m a physical therapist outside of pro wrestling. Love that career, too. I actually pursued that and pro wrestling at the same time. So when I was doing WCW / ECW as Devon Storm, I was a full time student. I was flying back and [forth]. I would go to my professors, ‘Hey, can you get me assignments so I can try to get this done so I can fly out here?’ and everybody was super, super cool. That was long before online classes, you had to be there. It was very challenging. I’ve had many of the guys in my physical therapy office and it’s great to help the guys in the back if they ask for advice or wrestling, but to help somebody that’s in a really bad way, help them get back to the ring, that’s super rewarding as well," Crowbar said.

Crowbar also reflected on the intense schedule he used to work and pointed out that his backbone has helped him endure plenty of bumps. He described how he saw other wrestlers struggling to make it, so he decided to lean more into his career as a physical therapist and transition into a part-time wrestling schedule. Crowbar also pointed out that knowing how to treat his own injuries has helped prolong his wrestling career.

"Wow. It feels really, really good. It’s awesome. That backbone has, I think, enabled me to continue to be able to wrestle at the level that I do now. The first ten years of my career, my bump card was way up there. I was doing two / three days a week, bump-bump-bump-bump- bump and after WCW, I just saw that there was so many people going to be in WWE and that didn’t work out, TNA didn’t work out. All these things weren’t working out, so I just took many steps back and went from being full time wrestler / part time physical therapist to full time physical therapist / part time wrestler. I still always kept a hand in wrestling, but I just knew that there was nothing there. Whenever I would get an injury or a bad bump or something, knowing how to treat that, I think, has enabled me to [extend my career]," he said.

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