Details Behind Tegan Nox Being Pulled From First Planned Becky Lynch Match, Rescheduled For WWE Raw

A planned NXT Title match was changed on last week's WWE Raw.

Fightful reported before the September 18 Monday night that one version of the WWE Raw script called for NXT Champion Becky Lynch to defend her title in an open challenge. That challenge would have been answered by Tegan Nox, who hasn’t wrestled on WWE Raw since July 3. Outside of that, Nox hadn’t wrestled on WWE Raw since she was drafted to the brand.

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Becky Lynch had pushed for Tegan Nox to get the match on WWE Raw, but it was ultimately changed. Fightful Select learned that all day, the plan had been for Nox vs. Becky Lynch. However, we’re told that about ten minutes before doors opened, the plans changed. Lynch and Nox already had their match laid out, which was to be produced by TJ Wilson.

Fightful wasn’t given a particular reason why, but Natalya and Tegan Nox’s spots were switched, with Natalya challenging for the NXT Title instead and Nox working Main Event against Xia Li. Over the weekend, Fightful reported that higher ups had been very happy with Natalya working two matches in India.

The next week, Nox's situation was factored into the following episode of Raw, where she finally reappeared on TV and earned an NXT Title match. Over the past number of months, there had been no significant creative plans for Tegan Nox, unfortunately.

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