Details Behind WWE's Interest In Guilia

There are a lot of moving pieces in the joshi world.

PWinsider reported November 6 that WWE has expressed heavy interest in Japanese star Giulia, widely considered one of the best performers in wrestling. They also reported that things are serious enough that she's expected at the Performance Center this month. We can confirm that WWE has interest in her, and she was considered a "priority acquisition" per one source that we spoke with. For the last several years, Giulia's work in Stardom has received rave reviews.

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In addition to WWE, All Elite Wrestling and Stardom had talks earlier in the year regarding what talent could appear in a crossover capacity. As we'd indicated then, AEW had clear interest in using her at some point, though we haven't heard if it went as far as creative plans being developed.

It was also announced by Sukeban that Sareee (formerly known as Sarray) has signed a multi-year deal with the company. PWInsider accurately reported last week that Sareee was deep in negotiations with an American company that wasn't WWE. However, several WWE sources had contacted us and indicated that they were interested in possibly bringing her back and had started working on it. That didn't go far, as Sareee signed with Sukeban. Those same sources clarified that there was no offer on the table, and did not think that she'd want to relocate to the United States again.

"There's no ill will on our side," one source said "We didn't think she'd end up back here, there were no creative plans set for her, and she wasn't contacted. Her name was mentioned, and she was liked within the company, so there were some preliminary things discussed about trying to bring her back. This deal probably works out better for her."

Contrary to some aggregations, we did not report that the two sides were in talks.

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