Details On WWE EVP Dan Ventrelle's Departure

Dan Ventrelle is out of WWE.

Aaron Varble of SEScoops reported the news today, which Fightful Select has confirmed that EVP of Talent Dan Ventrelle is out of the role he's been in since September 2022.

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WWE sent out a memo saying the following:

"WWE has begun the process of reorganizing its Talent Relations group. Moving forward, Chris Legentil, in addition to his role in Comms, will help us in leading this new group. Matt Altman, in addition to his role in marketing, will be working closely with Chris to help this endeavor.

Talent Development and Recruiting will now report to Shawn Michaels.

All of Talent, which includes Talent Relations, Development and Recruiting will continue to ultimately report into Paul Levesque.

As of today, Dan Ventrelle will be moving on from WWE. We thank Dan for his tremendous contributions.

Sincerely, Nick Khan."

Ventrelle was seemingly not adored by talent on a professional level, as we’ve heard several pointing the finger at him as a reason why many deals have nearly reached expiration. We’re told that he was actively discussing several new deals at the time of his return, but several within the industry didn’t feel as if he was an appropriate fit in the position he was in, negotiating deals with talent.

In recent months, it’s been reported that Drew McIntyre, Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and others have their deals coming up much sooner than would typically be the case before negotiating. In addition, we’re told that Natalya’s WWE deal is also up within the next couple of months, and talks have not taken place between the two sides. Natalya is the company’s longest tenured female wrestler.

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