EC3 Defends Braun Strowman's Fashion Choices | Exclusive

Braun Strowman is an animal. Maybe even a party animal, but there are some inconsistencies.

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I was able to interview the "Monster Among Men," last year in Toronto. He showed up to the media junket clad in Croc shoes, a curious fashion choice. It wasn't that curious for Braun, as he made the case for his gear.

"I don’t need motivation," said Braun "Look at these things, they’re fashionable, they’re comfortable. If you have to you can put them in four wheel drive and get in the mud. They’re easy. These are when I’m in a good mood. These are my party shoes. When I got the boots on, then watch out."

However, later that year, Strowman was seen partying with New Day in the ring -- dancing, smiling, joyously -- with no Crocs to be found. He looked in a good mood, and he was in his boots.

Fightful inquired about Strowman's fashion choices with a man he knows all too well in EC3. The two are set for Magic City Mania in Tampa on April 2, and a part of the weekly Magic City Live show on the K5 Network.

"Well, one thing I can say about that is A—life philosophy, it’s not a lie if you believe it; 2—you can party in both boots and Crocs. The scenario set was he was in the ring after a match, I believe, with the New Day. When you’re on the spot and you’re wearing boots and it’s time to dance you just gotta dance, dance like no one’s watching even though the entire world was watching Smackdown on FOX him dance. You know who was watching that, too? My mother. I was home with her for the holidays and she was thoroughly entertained. It crossed over to the mainstream of 65 year old women," said EC3.

El Hijo Del EC2 went on to talk about the Magic City Mania live show, and the Tampa area in general. During his travels there, EC3 has even encountered a man who licks shoes at request along the way. Still, he thinks the Crocs might be staying home for Strowman.

"Since we’ll be coming from the Hall of Fame he might have dress shoes on. I don’t know if there’ll be [time] for a proper Croc switch. I guarantee he will be wearing Crocs at some point during WrestleMania weekend and I guarantee at the [Shoe Licker Season] he’s going to be pleasantly destroyed. I believe him and Crocs are in talks on some secret project, so I don’t want to say any more… If they come on to be sponsors of Magic City Live or Magic City Mania or just him in general I think the world would be a better place," said

In addition to the Crocs, Braun Strowman also wears gear to the ring that appear to be sewn together pants, maybe multiple pair in one. EC3 doesn't see a problem with this pants pandemic.

"Your breakdown is a discrepancy amongst Crocs and the fact hat he’s been effective in only two pairs of gear. I think you’re overreacting. That’s not the thing media does in general. To [over]hype something in general that’s totally not a big deal and make it out [to be] a world wide pandemic," he said.

Check out Magic City Mania, Thursday April 2 at the Orpheum, featuring EC3, Braun Strowman, Drake Maverick, R-Truth and more. Proceeds go to benefit the Apple A Day foundation. You can learn more at You can see our full interview with EC3 at the top of the page.

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