EC3 Maintains Good Relationship With Dixie Carter, Says It Could Be Re-Evaluated In The Narrative

EC3 has changed, but his relationships stay swell!

After a run as Derrick Bateman in WWE and NXT, the man we now know as EC3 was rechristened "Ethan Carter III," the obnoxious nephew of TNA owner Dixie Carter. Even though they haven't been on screen in ages, EC3 told Fightful that the two keep in touch.

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"Oh, yeah. We have conversations quite often. Whether it’s via social media or she’ll shoot me a text, ‘Oh, I’ve been thinking about you, darling.’ I’m like, ‘That’s funny. ‘Cause, you’re my aunt, and I love you.’ I think she loves the rush of endorphins that come from interactions ‘cause she talks about wrestling and, probably, wrestling fans are very vocal, when your comments are [receiving a lot of notifications]. Whether they’re positive or negative, it’s kind of like, ‘Oh, yeah. This is good stuff.’ I don’t. I don’t care. But, most people need an endorphin rush," he said.

Could we see a reunion on screen? Is their relationship good?

"Yes, but it can always be evaluated. But, perhaps the Narrative would be a place to do that," EC3 said.

The Narrative has been EC3's home for creativity and change over the past year. Cinematic style promos, matches and stories have become normalized since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. The Narrative is categorically different than many of the cinematic presentations we've seen, but EC3 evaluated some of them.

"I think anytime you break the mold and become creative it’s a challenge. It’s hard, but I respect it. A Boneyard provided a great send off and it was what it was supposed to be. It was sort of tongue in cheek and campy in a way. (Firefly Funhouse) it was pleasurable. It was enjoyable. Going in the opposite route with Cena and Wyatt, which was so crazy. But, it told a story. So, I enjoyed those. Stadium Stampede was fun. Like, they had fun. But, at the same time we were getting to the point, and I think Money in the Bank is when it jumped the shark, so to speak. Then we’re just doing things to do them as opposed to evolving it. The only way I want to approach it, I’m not doing cinematic matches where there’s mystical powers and people transcend, transfer or things like that. I just want a cinematic visual of as real as it gets fighting. So, I think that’s what separates us and keeps our integrity and can keep it flowing as we go forward pushing this as alternate content to what’s taking place in the wrestling world."

What we're seeing from the Narrative is categorically different than the big budget productions that WWE and AEW have promoted. EC3 wouldn't have it any other way.

"Yeah. It’s definitely a financial loss, but at the same time, it’s not about that. I’m the top 1%, I have trust funds, right? But, no, I’ve got a partner. I have one partner. His name is JC, @FreeTheNarrator. He’s the Narrator. He has taking it upon himself to learn the aspects of directing and producing and is thriving at this. He’s almost too creative, so I gotta reel him back sometimes, and he’s looking at me as I said that, shaking his head, ‘Yeah, I know.’ We have a Chilean cinematographer named Manny that we randomly, happenstance met. Doesn’t speak great English, but he can shoot beautifully. He’s on board. We have a music producer. You heard that cover of Trouble. Amazing. [Tommy ‘Tankx’, Tommy Shaffner] from Cleveland. Very much a skeleton crew. Very much putting much art out there and if it’s a niche audience, that’s fine with me. If it gets to a vast audience, that’s even better. Cool. But, again, when you do things like that, you have to do them for yourself. You can’t do them with intentions of financial gains or riches. You have to do it ‘cause you love it and we all love it," said EC3.

You can see our full interview with EC3 at the top of the page, and check him out at He's in action at ROH 19th Anniversary on Friday, March 26 against Jay Briscoe, available on HonorClub and FITE

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