EC3 Says He's Still Talking With IMPACT Wrestling, Sees The Sense In AEW/IMPACT Crossover

EC3 has spent time across three companies in 2020, and is open to exploring others in the near future.

EC3 was pulled from the ROH Final Battle tapings this past week due to COVID-19, but he told Fightful Select that he fully intends on returning to the company in 2021 to see his creative process through. Even beyond that, ROH has interest in locking him down, but apparently IMPACT Wrestling does, too.

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"We’re still talking. I think, come the new year, when I’ve freed myself up there’s talks to be had elsewhere and they definitely want to do long term. I’m just not ready to do anything long term until I know who I am and what I’m doing and then. I have a lot of myself to figure out before I ump into something and become… I don’t know… Like everybody else. If I have that freedom, I can to do it now, I’m going to take it and develop something, I guess. Then the opportunity to work with Ring of Honor came along and it’s a company I’ve always had a love and respect for that I never had the opportunity to work for. Now I am," said EC3 to Fightful.

His match with Jay Briscoe might be tabled for now, but EC3 has every intent of keeping it going as soon as he can.

"Tell you another story fantastic story with a talent I highly respect, one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, Jay Briscoe. I do want to see where this takes us and where we go with this. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything since they sort of relaunched within the pandemic and the restrictions that are put upon them. I think the shows has been excellent. So, I like to keep myself open, brother," EC3 said.

EC3 spent time in both IMPACT and ROH this year, and said that each of them understood what he was doing, but knows all good things must come to an end.

"I was pleased and happy both companies were very respectful of that opinion and willing to allow me to do both. I understand that [in the] the future something will have to give ‘cause if I’m a company I’m not going to invest in somebody if they’re not there for the long term. So, I see it both ways and I respect both ways. A time will come, probably soon. But, for now, the world is insane and crazy, and 2020 they were open to it and I think it’s worked out, creatively, for me and personally as well," EC3 said.

He hasn't yet checked off All Elite Wrestling from a potential list. The company has seen some crossover with IMPACT of late. Does that surprise the well traveled EC3?

"At this point no. I don’t see why not. With what I’m building with the Narrative, with what is taking place, companies like AEW, Ring of Honor, IMPACT!, MLW, WWE—we’re all connected in the wrestling world in someway or some way or some form. To act like they don’t exist to each other is silly to me because there’s so many intriguing possibilities. Granted, from a business perspective I’m not on the levels to make any decisions like that or what to do. Because there is competition and you do want to maximize your profits and beat other people because it’s a competitive market. But, at the same time, if the whole industry grows from dabbling within each other, the avenue for stories raise. It’s intriguing and it’s very cool. It’s like watching crossovers in the Marvel Universe, perhaps. Is that a thing that just popped in my head? Yes. I had no intention of saying that. But, I mean, Avengers is gonna be the biggest movie of all time for the rest of our lives. Especially with movie theaters going on, and thus combining so many different worlds that do exist within the one. ‘Wow. That’s awesome. Sweet. Oh, I never thought I’d see these two guys interacting and have a fight that nobody believes in, and then they pummel each other for days, and then everything’s fine afterwards and they’re best friends.’ It’s cool. It’s unique," EC3 told us.

With pro wrestling companies becoming more lenient about co-promotion, sharing talent and appearing on different shows, one has to wonder how that affects a guy like EC3.

"It draws interest and then with the fans connected with the Narrative, I view that as a small little niche that I can create that is like supplemental content to whatever’s happening in whatever wrestling federations. Whether it’s independent, whether we use people from other companies, if they’re allowed to do it, they step in there. They can tell stories within that world and maybe help their characters. Even if a small minority of fans see it, the ones that do understand the characters they’re watching on the bigger platforms more or subliminally they found themselves in some way they can take their act to the bigger platforms and fans notice a change within them and they are a better performer because of it."

You can see our full interview with EC3 at the top of the page, and check out his official website at this link.

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