Effy Thanks Vince McMahon For Accidentally Giving Him A Bigger Twitch Reach

We've spoken at length about Effy's Twitch before, but he has thanked someone important to his success.

Vince McMahon. 

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"I want to thank Vince McMahon real quick. Because that old idiot took all those WWE stars off Twitch in the most hilarious ‘I hate money’ move I’ve ever seen and I can’t tell you anything but holy shit, and opened the door for Twitch to go, ‘You know what? We’ve got a lot of open wrestling spots and wrestling works with people,’ and we were able to step up into those spots. So, thank you. Thanks for getting out of the way. I appreciate it, Vince," said Effy

Even though he's happy that he's got more of a presence on Twitch, he's sympathizing with those in WWE who aren't able to. 

"Fridays on Smackdown, Mondays on RAW, even Wednesdays NXT and all the companies, I don’t want to sound like too much of a Marxist here, but I’m pro labor. I think they have the most talented set of wrestlers they have ever had in a WWE roster. That is why it ends up being so frustrating because these are people who are operating at a level that is unprecedented. They’re being kept to a particular voice and a particular style and a particular way of showing. It’s very frustrating for me to see guys who want to jump into that and say, ‘Let me lock myself up for a little while here. Hopefully something will work.’" It’s no offense, also, to anyone. They’re also taking risks on the new talent and I love the guys who have been coming into NXT. But, jumping to TV in one or two months when they’ve had 100-150 people down there that are the homegrown talent and they’re working through it, they are throwing spaghetti at wall. We can all see it and they’re hoping something will work. To pull someone that quickly in and throw them to TV, it’s questionable. I hope it works out for everyone, but it’s also one of those things that as a business person, I ran a two and a half million dollar business for eight years, Sean. As a business person, when I see decisions like that being made, I go, ‘Somebody doesn’t know what they’re doing,’ and that’s okay. Because the labor ends up winning. Hey, you wanna give my boys a big paycheck and move ‘em up? Cool. But, make sure they know their worth and make sure they know what they’re getting into."

Vince McMahon's seemingly insistent nature to change his mind and not implement talent to show their true personalities is not something that is lost on the self-made Effy.

"Have you ever been around a kid at Christmas? Like the new age kids? Because they’ll look up anything they want on Youtube and they’ll watch reviews over and over. I’m gonna make a bigger point here quickly. They know what they want and then the dad goes, ‘Fine, I’ll get you the present for Christmas.’ They give them present, they open it up and the kid loves it and the dad’s looking at it going, ‘I don’t get it. I don’t even know what it does.’ He’s like, ‘Well, dad, if you had done the research with me and seen this, you can see all the different things this toy can do. All the different things it’s capable of,’ and the dad just goes, ‘It looks stupid. I don’t know.’ He’s had it for ten minutes and he goes, ‘Let’s get something else in here.’Sometimes perspective is necessary and sometimes I don’t think the right perspective at the top knows it. Because me and you have seen Ricochet be a cocky asshole. We have seen him show heart. We have seen him show passion. We have seen him to be defeated and win and show all this range of emotional characteristics that people say, ‘Oh, he’s just a flippy guy.’ Me and you know that’s not the case. We have seen him for years and years do this, but have the right people seen that or are the right people paying enough attention to that?"


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