Eric Bischoff: The Rumor When I Was In WWE Was That I Always Sat In Catering, Their Catering Is Good

Eric Bischoff makes a claim about WWE's catering.

Many wrestling promotions around the world will host catering for their talents during their events. There have been plenty of wrestlers that have publicly criticized catering from some companies, while other wrestlers have commonly praised catering from other promotions. Regardless, catering is, weirdly enough, one of the most popular talking points in the wrestling community.

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In a new interview with Fightful, Eric Bischoff revealed that he thinks that WWE has good catering.

"I’m in catering. I’ve already eaten. That whole thing about catering is just nonsense. The rumor is that when I was in WWE, all I ever did was sit in catering. But I will admit WWE did have good catering. However, the catering here, I ain’t shitting you guys, the catering here is pretty good. The barbecue chicken is the bomb. It is the bomb, and that pasta? C’mon now. The vegetables taste more like vegetables than any vegetables I’ve had in a long time. The catering is excellent."

Elsewhere in the interview, Bischoff was asked why he does regularly does independent wrestling events. 'ATM Eric' went on to explain why, noting that he still likes to make an impact on people's life.

"I’ve got a book coming out called Grateful and I talk about that very question in the book. I’ll be honest with you, there was a point in time doing events like this was just not something I was interested in doing. But I did a few and in the process of doing a few shows several years ago, I had people coming up and telling me stories about how wrestling was the thing that brought them together with their parents—their mom, their dad, their brother, their sisters or uncles, whatever—and when you hear stories about how much of an impact wrestling has had on people’s lives and you hear it over and over and over again, it changed the way I looked at going to events. I don’t want to sound like I’m putting myself over, but when you have a chance to meet people and have a big impact on their life, and make them feel better, sometimes better about themselves or just feel important, that’s a blessing. So now I just look at it in a different way and I enjoy doing it."

Bischoff also reflected on his age and how it's a blessing to keep doing what he's doing at his age.

"Think about that, too. I’m 67 years old. I’ll be 68 next spring. I still get to go out a couple times a month and do what I’m doing. Again, not to sound overly spiritually, but that’s a hell of a blessing. Like you said, how many people get to do that? Lot of the guys I grew up with and
went to high school and college with, they’re sitting around watching football and thinking about the good old days. Here I am in Niagara meeting wrestling fans, having a blast. I’m good with it."

When not appearing at events, Bischoff is a part of the 83 Weeks podcast that airs weekly.

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