Exclusive: Adam "Hangman" Page Explains Benefits Of Joining Bullet Club And Being The Elite

Adam Page says some people are Being The Elite fans regardless of professional wrestling.

On YouTube, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Cody Rhodes produce a mockumentry style show called Being The Elite which features Bullet Club members and other peripheral characters. In an interview with Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp, Adam Page was asked what he thought about Being The Elite when he became a part of it.

"As soon as I kind of got into Being The Elite and figured it out what it was and how it worked...It was something people really latched onto and not just wrestling fans. We have fans that aren't necessarily or weren't wrestling fans until now. I've seen what it's like at these Meet and Greets with Cody and The Bucks, they consider themselves first and foremost Being The Elite fans and they also like wrestling," said Page.

After joining Bullet Club two years ago and eventually Being The Elite, Page has been featured more on Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling. He was asked what effects being apart of Bullet Club and the show had on his career.

"I don't think it's that I've changed as much. I've just had a better exposure, people can see my personality a bit more in Being The Elite. When somebody like The Young Bucks put their stamp of approval on you, no matter how good you are to start with, it doesn't do anything but help," said Page.

In the rest of the interview, Page discussed his upcoming match at Strong Style Evolved against IWGP United States Champion Jay White. Fightful Wrestling will have live coverage and recapping podcast for that event.

The full interview is available at Fightful's YouTube channel and the video above.

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