Exclusive: Arn Anderson Has No Problem With Wrestlers Using The Anderson Name

The Anderson name comes with credibility, and none know that better than Arn Anderson.

There are no shortage of recycled names, gimmicks, and moves. The "Anderson" name is one of those, carrying on generations, without anyone really being related. Arn Anderson, real name Marty Lunde, has seen them come and go, and spoke on some of the newer Anderson's in the wrestling world.

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"CW Anderson years ago, his name popped up and it wasn’t during the era of social media so you couldn’t just punch in his name and find out about him. I was getting stuff through the grapevine. They were telling me, “Hey, there’s this kid in the Carolinas that looks like you, and works like you, and uses the name and all that stuff.” Basically there was only one Anderson, legitimate, and that’s Gene. The rest of us basically stole the gimmick. From Ole, to Lars, to me, to everybody else. Or we’re blessed with the gimmick. However you want to look at it," Arn stated in an exclusive interview with Fightful.

Even though it's simply a moniker, Arn said that he has been asked for permission by CW specifically. Arn had no problem with it and even gave his blessing. Much of the same happened with a world-traveled tag team champion in Karl Anderson.

"One time I met CW Anderson, and he did, he was very respectful. He said, “Hey, do you mind if I use the name?” and all that. I said, “Young man, if you can make money using that name and you add something to the fact that you are an Anderson, and you go out there and conduct yourself the right way within your company, within the industry, within the business, within your own mind for that matter, if you are gonna be an Anderson, then be one.” And the guy turned out to be a credit to the business for everything that I’ve heard about him. Certainly Karl Anderson, exactly the same thing. Guy’s a tremendous human being, he’s a tremendous performer. Him and [Luke] Gallows are two of my favorite people. If they can get some type of rub or notoriety off of that, more power to them," said Arn.

The Anderson last name is also synonymous with a spinebuster, and a very particular one -- Arn's spinebuster. Though as he tells it, he isn't sure why people adopt that one.

"Yeah, and I hadn’t figured that out because that hasn’t won a match in at least 30 years that I know of. So, on their choice of the spinebuster, I don’t know," he joked. 

Arn and his famous spinebuster will be featured on a future edition of Making A Finisher, where he discusses the ins and outs of using the move.

You can see our full interview with Arn Anderson above, and you can catch him at Starrcast IV in Baltimore. Every week, he appears on The Arn Show, telling stories of his career, alongside Conrad Thompson. You can check that out at this link.

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