has learned of a couple of names at Tuesday's Smackdown.

Both The Undertaker and Michelle McCool are in attendance at the show, which takes place in Austin, Texas. The show is pretty close to where the couple lives, so it's quite likely that the two are just visiting.

Undertaker hasn't appeared on WWE programming since WrestleMania season, where he defeated Shane McMahon in a match to prevent McMahon from gaining control of Raw. The stipulation ended up being rather pointless, as Shane ended up controlling Raw for a period before becoming Smackdown Commissioner.

Undertaker was scheduled for WWE's European tour following WrestleMania but was pulled from the tour.

Michelle McCool was seated with the public and posted a photo on Instagram of several wrestler signs and the hashtag "#BlueBrand." McCool hasn't performed for the WWE in over five years after losing to Layla at Extreme Rules 2011.

We're told that there are no plans for the two, and they're just visiting.

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