Exclusive: Booker T Undergoes Elbow Surgery

Fightful.com was set to talk to the five-time former WCW Champion this week, but Booker underwent elbow surgery on Thursday, we're told.

Booker recently appeared at VCW Wrestling, and noted that he was unable to perform his signature “Spinaroonie” due to his injury. Instead, Booker spoke to the crowd, told them a little about Reality of Wrestling, and signed autographs.

“I know someone was gonna say they want to see a Spinaroonie. I had some work done on my elbow, and I need that elbow to do the spinaroonie. I can give the referee a Book End if you want to!, Booker joked, before saying that the ref had to work.

Booker is still hard at work, promoting his Reality of Wrestling promotion, which will welcome Kurt Angle to their Summer of Champions event on August 20. Booker T will miss out on his duties on the Raw pre-show panel Monday.

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