EXCLUSIVE: DDP Says Vader Needs To Stop Wrestling If He Wants To Get In Shape

Diamond Dallas Page says Big Van Vader could not fully commit to his program. 

Last year, Big Van Vader told the world he had two years to live. Apparently, he has tried to work with Diamond Dallas Page to combat health problems but the two clashed over how it would work. On Fightful Wrestling's podcast The List and Ya Boy, host Sean Ross Sapp asked Page about Vader's inflammatory tweets about him. Page went on to explain why he could not help Vader like he did with Jake Roberts and Scott Hall. 

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 "I don't really understand that. I haven't talked to him. But I'm going to, because I don't understand it. I love (Vader). I brought him into my house, him and his son Jesse, who I think is an amazing kid. He came and spent a week with me. Then he went back to Dallas where he's at. It's tough for (Vader) to do the program I'm doing, I was working with Jake (Roberts) all the time. When I was helping Jake and helping Scott (Hall), I was working with those guys all the time," said Page. 

Vader continuing to wrestle at the age of sixty-two was another point of contention between the two former world champions. 

"I explained to (Vader) 'I want to help you, bro. I can't do it when you're coming every once in a while,'" said Page. "I need him in Atlanta. I can't really help him with the things he wants to do unless he's not wrestling. If he was forty, maybe but he's not," he continued. 

Page said he would have asked Vader to stop wrestling for a year and to do only appearances like autograph signings. This was the main problem Vader had with Page's offer. Vader tweeted he could not stop wrestling because of his finances. He said he has hospital bills from a variety of health issues

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