Exclusive: Ethan Page & Jordynne Grace Discuss Developing Their In-Ring Styles

Impact Wrestling's hybrid promotion sees them getting unconventional with production, filming, television and more. Now, the company has much of the same in their wrestlers.

The company that pushed the X-Division to the forefront has a new batch of wrestlers that employ a hybrid style that may not run parallel to others that compete in their divisions. One, Jordynne Grace, uses her power -- even 5-foot-1 -- to dominate opponents. She told Fightful that she spends most of her time in the gym as opposed to the ring to prepare that offense.

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"About 97 percent of my moves are power based, so I spend a lot of my time out of the ring trying to get as strong as I can to be able to perform those moves. I lift super heavy in the gym and try to get as strong as possible so I can do those moves safely and effectively," Jordynne told Fightful.

Ethan Page also has been heavily featured on the show, and keeps up with the aforementioned X-Division, despite having a frame that would qualify him as one of the bigger heavyweights in the UFC. 

"I'm 6-2, 260 pounds and have to compete with the hybrid athlete of 2018 that is under 6 foot and under 200 pounds that can do anything athletically. I just try to wow people with my size and the athletic things I can pull off. Believe me, if I could get away with doing DDTs and Rock Bottoms all day, I would and I would love every second of it, because that's pro wrestling to me. But that's the way pro wrestling has changed, and if you want to stay, you have to evolve with it," Page said. 

Both Page and Grace are booked for Impact Wrestling's Homecoming show on January 6 from Nashville, Tennessee. 

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