Exclusive: Hangman Page Wants AEW PPV Called "Cowboy Shit" Where Wrestlers Enter Through His Crotch

Hangman Page talks to Fightful, about very important things.

It's been a rough year for Hangman Page. Despite being in the main event of AEW All Out and challenging for the AEW World Title, Hangman was unable to defeat Chris Jericho. Even worse, Page lost his prized horse Hunter Horse Helmsley shortly after the event. Speaking to Fightful at Starrcast, Hangman opened up about the loss of HHH.

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"It's tough. I had another friend who had his horse die. His name is Chuck. We're grieving. His died 20 years ago, but we're getting through it together. You can't replace a horse. When your dog dies, you just replace it. But with a horse, you can't replace a horse. Just gotta get a new one. [But] it's too soon," he said.

Page did get some good news at AEW All Out when it was revealed the November pay-per-view would be named Full Gear in honor of Page and the Full Gear Challenge. And Page is hoping future pay-per-view events will be named after him as well.

"I didn't know they were doing that," Page said about Full Gear. "They named the pay-per-view after the Full Gear Challenge, which is a story that had finished six months ago. I thought that was strange. But here we are. Maybe the next pay-per-view is Cowboy Shit. The stage can be just a big picture of me. It'll just be my face. Even better, I'll be wearing chaps. The assless chaps will open up when somebody comes out. And they'll enter through my crotch. Not my real crotch. I'm the only one who gets a horse. [Others could get] maybe on a pony. A stick horse is also an option. Maybe the dark matches get a stick horse. Main card get ponies. I get a real horse. Maybe a trojan horse. A big mechanism pulled by actual horses...with ponies in it.

"I'll be clothed. It'll be assless chaps, but I'll have trunks on. So, the trunks will (keep my junk secure) and my crotch will open up like an entrance door," Page said when asked about his junk -- which is too big for a cup -- possibly getting in the way of wrestlers walking through the Cowboy Shit entrance.

As a member of The Elite, Page has been a focal point of AEW television since the debut of AEW Dynamite in October. And after working a limited schedule waiting for television to begin, Page is both thankful the promotion is on TV and the schedule remains light.

"It's been good to get TV up and running. We all signed these deals in January. We had our pay-per-views and that's been great but the real deal is when TV starts rolling and that didn't start until October. So we were all sitting around for nine months wondering, 'Is this real?'

"[The schedule is] badass. If there had ever been a reason where I thought, 'Maybe I don't want to be a wrestler,' it would have been because I don't want to live my life on an airplane. Somehow, I ended up making a good living as a wrestler not living on an airplane. I'm gone two or three days a week and then I'm home the rest of the time. I love it," he said.

In the ring, Hangman is struggling as his record hovers around .500. Losing a horse will do that.

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