Exclusive: Luke Hawx Explains Process Of Promoting WrestleMania Weekend Show

Luke Hawx is involved in a little bit of everything, from movies, to wrestling, to training, to promotion these days.

During WrestleMania weekend, Hawx will promote the Wildkat Wrestling show during the Thursday slate of events.When speaking to Fightful.com, Hawx explained the process of setting up an event during a crowded period.

"It took us a long time. Our goal was to do something different. This is only our second time doing a WrestleMania weekend show. The first time was just really small during the day at WrestleCon four or five years ago. I didn't feel we were ready to do a Mania show. When Mania got announced (for New Orleans) to come back, I knew I had to go full steam ahead for a Wildkat show. I try to not follow the trends of what anyone else is doing. So we were hitting it hard and trying to come up with ideas and something different," said Hawx.

Hawx will team with his son at the event, which includes several WWE legends, in addition to Lucha Underground's Jeff Cobb. For Hawx, the primary goal is to let fans know about Wildkat Wrestling

"There's not too much going on that day, which is why we wanted to run Thursday. There's Evolve and WaleMania -- but that's a podcast and concert, and starts a little later than us. The key is to try to run that outside fan bases who haven't seen Wildkat yet. We don't get a lot of internet love yet. I think the key for us is to spread the word and get people hooked on the Wildkat product. We're the most affordable show in town. Tickets to some of these events are crazy high. Our general admission is only $25. We have ten big matches announced, and a few pre-show matches. We have some superb talent as far as Wildkat, but if you don't know Wildkat guys, you'll see Bob Holly, Jeff Cobb, Rachael Ellering," said Hawx.

You can see Luke Hawk's Wildkat Sports show at WrestleCon on April 5. You can find ticketing information at this link, and the show will feature the likes of Jeff Cobb, Steven Richards, Hardcore Holly, Billu Gunn, Damian 666 and more.

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