Fallah Bahh Recognizes Yokozuna Comparisons, Said He Got Tweets Due To Saudi Arabia's WWE Requests

Fallah Bahh has made a home in IMPACT Wrestling, no matter where you can catch it.

Nowadays, AXS is home to IMPACT Wrestling. Bahh has been around for three years and multiple stations now and spoke highly of the transition to Fightful.

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"I’ve never seen the promotion that AXS has given out of all the other networks. Personally, on my own, I’ve noticed since we went to AXS my social media has gone up. We’re getting a lot more exposure as the episodes [go] by," Bahh said in an exclusive interview. 

Bahh has heard the negatives and positives and relies on a phrase that has become a bit of a tradition of late when experiencing all that, and has applied it to his entire career.

"For me it’s a marathon, not a sprint. I’ve been wrestling for 13 years. All the people I’ve been interacting with you try to get as much little information from them as possible and then try to make it your own. There’s a lot of things I’ve learned with my tenure at Monster Factory, just professionalism and even little things. Being there on time, showing how much dedication you want. Putting the work in, know what I mean? People like (Danny Cage), people like Pat Buck from WrestlePro. He gave me the whole idea to do the whole Yokozuna gimmick. So there’s a lot of people, especially in that Jersey area, that not only gave me my start, they gave me a lot of knowledge that I use today," he said. 

The Yokozuna comparisons aren't lost on Fallah Bahh today, either. You could pick far worse people to model your style after than a two-time WWF Champion and Hall of Famer.

"Coming into wrestling you are a student. You study the greats before you. Being my size and seeing the way he moved, and the little things in between inspired me a lot. So, I was studying his stuff prior, I just never had the courage enough until two or three people said “You look like him. Why not be that gimmick?” It took me a minute for me to actually decide for me to do it," said Bahh.

When WWE formed a relationship in Saudi Arabia, one of the hilarious rumors to emerge was that Yokozuna -- who passed away over 20 years ago -- was requested for the event. Bahh wasn't able to cash in on the similarities, but did get plenty of tweets about it.

"I was with IMPACT!. So, I’m on my own…I got a couple of tweets on that. When people were talking about it, a lot of people tagged me. But, my loyalty is to IMPACT!," Bah reiterated

There's perhaps a bit of loyalty there to Bahh's former partner KM, who moved on from Impact Wrestling. However, the two remain good friends. 

"Oh, yeah, of course. Me and him, my home indy fed outside of IMPACT! was WrestlePro. So him, Pat Buck, they all worked together and promote WrestlePro. So I’m legit his friend. So all this stuff, all the antics we’ve done in those segment—they’re not any different from how we really act in the locker room or in legit real life. It’s literally the most fun I’ve had wrestling, doing TV and all that stuff. Part of it is real, because it’s literally me and him goofing off and doing stuff that we would normally do outside of the cameras," said Bahh.

You can see our full interview with Fall Bahh above, and you can catch him every Tuesday night on Impact Wrestling on AXS TV.

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