Fightful Wrestling Weekly 11/3/20: Riddle, Chelsea, Kylie Rae, IMPACT, More


Impact Wrestling has their next set of tapings November 17 through the 20th. For those wondering, Kylie Rae did not end up appearing at any of the tapings last weekend. EC3 was also not actually at the tapings as he and Moose had filmed their content for Bound For Glory ahead of time.

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Thunder Rosa

If anyone was doubting the validity of Billy Corgan's claims of Thunder Rosa being under contract, she confirmed it to me personally when I inquired. She also has two fights remaining on her Combate MMA deal, and actually told me in August that she'd spent most of the pandemic training MMA as opposed to wrestling.

She also specified she isn't sure where rumors came from that WWE reached out to her, but Fightful has heard from WWE sources that they'd be interested in her if available.


Fightful has learned that initially, Vince McMahon had wanted Reckoning, AKA Mia Yim to mimic a seizure during the spot on Monday Night Raw. We're told that she, among others spoke up that the method originally pitched was not in good taste. Vince McMahon was said to have liked the spot as it played out, outside of Yim being referred to by her real name.

Kylie Rae

In an update on the Kylie Rae situation, we're told there's no bad blood from the IMPACT side, and the company is hopeful that she'll be able to return in the future. The company has tapings from November 17 through the 20th, and have left a lot of story related points open ended in case she can make those tapings, but weren't pressuring her to do so. None of the roster that we spoke with had heard from her as of last Tuesday Morning, prior to her message indicating that she had retired this past Monday.

Randy Orton

There was plenty of confusion within WWE for the decision to put the WWE Title on Randy Orton, largely for the same reasons echoed by that of the online fan base. Orton is very well liked within WWE these days, and has been helping out a lot of younger talent over the last year specifically. However, most of the wrestlers that we spoke to were also confused about the timing of the move considering he was heavily protected from WrestleMania to Summerslam, and then beaten several times since.

Jake Hager

Jake Hager had his fourth Bellator fight last week, and even though it was announced two weeks ago, he knew about it a month ago. He clarified that he lets AEW know the situation as soon as possible so they can take care of any storyline issues to get him off television for the appropriate amount of time. He also joked that as long as he's winning fights, All Elite Wrestling doesn't really have any problem with him competing in Bellator MMA.

He also talked to me about his match with Jon Moxley, saying that it was a stress relieving experience and that they didn't call much if anything it that match. Moxley had been training MMA to prepare for a movie role and felt comfortable, and had told me Hager was one of the physically strongest people he's ever wrestled. Hager is very happy with Moxley as a champion, and doesn't think that he should be dropping the title any time soon.

Scorpio Sky

I spoke to Scorpio Sky of All Elite Wrestling, who told me he feels like he's really coming into his own as a singles wrestler. He spoke of the positive feedback he got from Chris Jericho after their match, but thinks that he could have a better singles with him now that he's properly adjusted to the style. He was proud of their match, but says he's better suited for that kind of match now.

Sky has some MMA experience, competing in several fights. He mentioned that he's actually scaled back the use of MMA style work in his matches because a lot of other people are doing it. He originally adopted an MMA style and integrated some into his work to stand out, so he transitioned when it became more prevalent. He largely took dives out of his arsenal recently for the same reason, and has used them sparingly.

While Christopher Daniels is a part of AEW's recruiting team, Sky isn't, though he does provide feedback and insight when working with younger talent.

Ronda Rousey & Travis Browne

We've heard Ronda Rousey tell Natalya that she hopes they meet in the ring again one day, but Rousey has been training of late as well. She's not alone. Travis Browne has also been getting pro wrestling training in, and actually did some with James Storm as the latter showed off on social media. We've specifically heard that Browne has been working on his timing and selling of late and has impressed people with agility for his size. As of this year, Browne was still in the USADA drug testing pool required for UFC fighters, though he hasn't fought since July 2017. Dana White stated he thought Browne should retire, but he's not officially been released as of yet.

Rousey herself has trained at least several times that we know of in California over the past several weeks.

Xia Li

Xia Li was scheduled for an amateur kickboxing fight recently that WWE only learned of days before it was set to happen, and only heard about it when word dropped online. WWE pulled her from the event, which was said to have upset her. All of those that we spoke to within the company understood why WWE would pull her, but that she didn't understand why and thought that WWE "wasn't giving her respect."

She should be credited heavily for being on NXT more often. Several within NXT have told us that Xia Li grew frustrated from not being used much on NXT TV after years with the company and went directly to Triple H to express that she felt ready for an opportunity. We aren't sure verbatim how the conversation went, but we'd heard from others in NXT that said Triple H appreciated the initiative, and Xia Li was adamant that she could hold her own if trusted with an opportunity.

Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green posted a tweet recently noting that she'd not wrestled since May 27, with a "cursing" emoji next to it. Green was "called up" as far back as May after an impressive series of matches involving Charlotte Flair. However, when Paul Heyman was removed from his spot on WWE Raw, plans involving Chelsea Green were put on hold. Vanessa Borne had also been "called up" earlier this year, but hasn't had any creative provided for her, either.

Matt Riddle and Sheamus

The Matt Riddle vs. Sheamus match didn't just get acclaim from fans and critics. Fightful has been told that Vince McMahon particularly was "fired up" about the match, and was complimentary after it closed to those involved. It was said that upon arriving backstage after the match, Sheamus, Matt Riddle, and WWE producers were all very positive about the match.

It seems as if the match particularly had a big impression on McMahon, as he made the call to change Matt Riddle's in-ring name to "Riddle," and pitched a more serious character presentation. We're told Riddle was supportive of the idea.

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