Fightful Wrestling Weekly (6/1): Real And Fake Scripts, CM Punk, Enzo Amore, More

Fake NXT run-sheet

There was a fake or at the very least blatantly incorrect NXT Takeover run-sheet going around last weekend. There were several discrepancies that were quickly picked up on. The sheet contradicted my report that Shawn Michaels and Michael Hayes worked together to produce the heralded ladder match from NXT Takeover: New Orleans. I double checked with everyone who gave me the information, which was again verified. The faux run-sheet was also filled with grammatical errors, an incorrect date, and notes that aren't typically included.

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The notion that you'd need to post a note in any Ricochet match to "make sure he displays his flying" abilities is comical. As is the idea that Shawn Michaels had to practically produce the entire show. There are a lot of other issues and discrepancies in the run sheet. 

You all can see several copies of scripts over on, as well as an accurate NXT run sheet from a recent set of television tapings.

Matt Cappotelli

I've heard that Matt Cappotelli's health isn't getting much better, and some of his friends from years of wrestling have been coming to visit him. Elijah Burke (also known as TNA's "Pope" D'Angelo Dinero), Simon Dean/Nova, and Johnny Jeter of the Spirit Squad all visited him last week. Even while battling his issues, Cappotelli was sometimes able to maintain a pretty impressive physique, but you can tell the illness has taken its toll on him. We wish Matt the best, and he's particularly beloved in the Louisville area here in Kentucky. 

Cappotelli is best known for the "concussion" incident with Hardcore Holly and winning that season of Tough Enough. Those I spoke to who have been close to him think of him as a hard worker, as he'd have to be with the uphill battles he's faced. They also tell me he's the type of personality that is able to draw people in, whether it be from an entertainment aspect or outside of wrestling.

WWE Raw Producers

The gauntlet match that featured Sasha Banks moving on to the WWE Money in the Bank's ladder match. The producers for the match were listed as TJ Wilson (Tyson Kidd), Dave Finlay (Fit Finlay), and Sarah Stock (Sarita). in a rare major collaborative effort. Those are the three names that usually help out with women's matches, and sometimes do work together, although I've not seen a Raw match until this one that required all three. This was incredibly unusual, and to be honest, I find it hard to believe that the match in particular required the help of all three -- or even more than one of them based on how it unfolded. 

The quick Drew McIntyre vs. Chad Gable match was produced by former NWA Champion Adam Pearce, and Arn Anderson produced a match featuring fellow spinebuster user Bobby Roode taking on Kevin Owens. Michael Hayes was charged with the duties for the Seth Rollins vs. Jinder Mahal Intercontinental Championship.

Unsurprisingly, D-Von Dudley was the producer listed for the Deleter of Worlds vs. Ascension tag team match. 

The more you look at Raw scripts, the more patterns you can see. Certain producers get tag matches, women's matches, or singles matches, and you can tell who go above and beyond to help. 

There were no producers listed on WWE Smackdown's production script.

Raw Script

Speaking of the Raw script, there were some interesting notes included. One of which being that the company actually placed "USA Chants" into the script after the Memorial Day video package. It's almost a given that they would happen, but definitely a little odd they'd include that specific terminology as opposed to just something like "reaction from crowd."

Little things like a shot of Kevin Owens putting on a headset, camera cuts to the ring as the opening bell rings to start Braun Strowman vs. Finn Balor were also inserted into the script. To the contrary, Nia Jax's "exhibition" opponent wasn't anywhere to be found in the script.

A heavy part of every production script of late has been to establish that the Money in the Bank briefcases hang above the ring. 

Another version of the Raw script was released this week, which was a word for word script used for promos, as opposed to the production scripts that I usually break down in this column. It featured several lines that were edited out, alterations, additions, and mannerisms that were supposed to be employed during the B-Team BBQ segment.

Production notes:

The title of Smackdown Live this week was "Raise Up," a reference to North Carolina. Raw's title was "Luck, Guts and Skill," which referenced the gauntlet match main event, and was brought up in several promos throughout the evening leading up to it. 

Enzo Amore

The reaction backstage in WWE about Enzo Amore's rap career are mixed. Despite popular belief, Enzo Amore isn't unanimously hated within WWE. Almost everyone saw his potential at one time, whether they liked him or not. One wrestler he worked with on 205 Live said that Enzo had spoken backstage about pursuing a rap career frequently before he was released by WWE, so the transition wasn't much of a surprise. Another wrestler on the Raw brand thought the music video was in poor taste and wouldn't do him any favors trying to get back into WWE. Time will tell on that count, as he's only 31 and has plenty of time to mend fences. 

I'll clarify again as I did in the original article -- Enzo Amore was steadfast in claiming he had no knowledge an investigation was ongoing. The WWE sources I spoke to said that WWE were "livid" and didn't believe that to actually be the case. 

CM Punk Lawsuit

The CM Punk, Colt Cabana and Chris Amann lawsuit kicked off this week. There have been rumors in the last year or so that the lawsuit has caused a strain in the friendship of Cabana and Punk. While we're told that Punk doesn't necessarily talk too  much wrestling in the gym he trains at, he also won't shy away if one of his teammates inquires about it, and hasn't really sold any of the inquiries about the friendship between the two of late. 


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