Gallows Doesn't Talk With Tama Tonga, Describes How IMPACT-AEW Deal Happened

Doc Gallows is all over the place, these days.

A year ago, Gallows was appearing alongside AJ Styles and Karl Anderson in the main event Boneyard Match on WrestleMania 36. A couple of weeks later, he was released. A few months after that, he was working for IMPACT Wrestling. Then appearing on All Elite Wrestling. The latter was even a shock to him, he told Fightful

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"Well, we just were like, ‘Wait, is this really gonna happen? Hold on.' We’ve been talking to the Bucks a lot. We talk to the Bucks constantly. We’re buddies. Then when D’Amore brought it up, I was like, ‘Oh, wow. I think this is really gonna happen.’ Then I didn’t realize how intricate this went and how deep it went with Don and Kenny had been talking about this for a year. Which nobody really knew about that. I just think it makes the story even cooler and hopefully, long term, there’s gonna be a lot more layers to it. But, from the behind the scenes part of it, you hear something like that and you go, ‘Wow, that’s cool shit, but I don’t think it’ll ever actually happen,’ and then it did. It was pretty damn cool and continues to be, I think," Gallows said.

IMPACT already had months of programming in the can when the AEW deal came about, so they would bring back wrestlers to do re-tapes if they were pertinent to the story. Prior, not many in the company knew any of the partnership would be happening.

"It was just there was a small circle of us who knew about all of it and again, like when we went to Nashville to film that first time, it was only the guys you saw in those segments that were even there. It was an empty studio other than that. So, all the IMPACT wrestlers and stuff had already gone home from the tapings when we went in to do it. So, I think just not a lot of people knew about it, which gave it a cool element of surprise as well. You never know. You know wants that scoop more than any fan in the world? All the boys," Gallows said.

The IMPACT-AEW deal, references to Bullet Club and further integration seems to have upset OG Bullet Club member Tama Tonga -- at least on the surface. Gallows wants to make money from the situation, but claims the two don't speak.

"Currently no, I do not, and that’s the truth," Gallows said. "I will say this on the issue, Machine Gun and I, as well as our other friends who’ve been roped into this, we love to make big moves and make big money. If you don’t want to jump on that train then don’t. Stay in the dust. Not my problem. That’s just how I feel about it.

Sill, Gallows is eager to even learn for himself how everything with AEW, IMPACT, NJPW, and any other number of companies work out.

"You mentioned long term storytelling earlier. You gotta wait for the story to play out, you know? That’s the tricky part even for us on the inside. Will they? Won’t they? If they do, it’s gonna be cool as shit. We’re still, truthfully, working all that out. I mean, I want to go back to Japan badly, but they can’t create new visas right now because of the pandemic. So a lot of these plans we had a year ago have been on hold for almost that long. ‘Cause we’re into April now. That Black Friday or whatever they were calling it was April 15th of last year. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year. A lot has happened in that year. A lot of great shit has happened in that year. But, there’s a lot more to come, man. I know I’ve promised that in the first interview we did together post-WWE, but it’s still rolling," said Gallows.

Gallows will be at TalkNShop Live Tampa, Friday, April 9 at Riveters. You can get tickets at this link, or at the door. You can also see him on IMPACT Wrestling, which now airs each Thursday night on AXS.

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