The Hex Ranks Hotel Carpets, Bully Adults, And Denounce Online Scammers

The Hex speaks with Fightful.

The Hex, Marti Belle, and Allysin Kay, recently spoke with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful during the Squared Circle Expo. Almost instantly, randomness ensued as the former NWA Women's Tag Team Champions reviewed Hotel carpets, discussed online scammers, and tried to steal KiLynn King's championship belt.

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Fans can check out the full transcription of the interview below:

Fightful: “What’s up, you guys? Sean Ross Sapp, Fightful. Here with a couple of names you know. I would say where they’re from, but they’re form everywhere now, wrestling everywhere.

Allysin Kay: “Parts unknown.”

Marti Belle: “Parts unknown, yes.”

Fightful: “We got Marti Belle, we got Allysin Kay. We got the Hex. How you all doing?”

Allysin Kay: “We’re doing.”

Marti Belle: “We are doing.”

Allysin Kay: “I’m ranking all the hotel carpets lately. What do you give this one, though, honestly?”

Fightful: “This one? Are we talking in general or on a hotel carpet scale?”

Marti Belle: “Hotel carpet.”

Fightful: “I’ll give it a six, a solid six. Because I’ve seen some really, really bad.”

Marti Belle: “I feel like this is nice.”

Allysin Kay: “I feel like this is one of the nicer of the ones we’ve seen.”

Marti Belle: “Yes. I would say this is like a seven.”

Fightful: “Let’s get a shot of this.”

Allysin Kay: “I think that’s a seven or an eight compared to the conventions we have been to.”

Marti Belle: “Especially because it bleeds into the other room seamlessly. There’s no weird marks, there’s no weird part. It’s seamless.”

Fightful: “I don’t see any crease here. This is one big slab.”

Allysin Kay: “I’m sorry we’re ambushing your interview and this is what we’re talking about.”

Fightful: “This is the headline.”

Allysin Kay: “Carpets.”

Fightful: “Not, ‘Are they under contract?’ ‘Where are they under contract?’ It’s one solid slab of carpet. How did they do it?”

Allysin Kay: “That’s something you don’t see every day.”

Fightful: “It’s very impressive... Your Twitter handle is still Sienna. You ain’t giving that up, are you?”

Allysin Kay: “Didn’t we talk about this the last time?”

Fightful: “We did. No, the last time was four years ago.”

Allysin Kay: “That wasn’t the last time.”

Fightful: “We were in a whole different country. We were literally in Canada when we talked about this.”

Allysin Kay: “That’s true, that’s true, yes. See, here’s the thing. Let me just explain this really quickly. Instagram will not let me change my handle for some reason. I don’t know if they’ve locked my account, but they straight up said, ‘You have to contact support if you want to change your handle.’”

Fightful: “Good luck.”

Allysin Kay: “You know they’re not going to answer you.”

Fightful: “They ain’t answering.”

Allysin Kay: “I want my Twitter and my Instagram to match. There are so many fake accounts out there every single day that I don’t want to lose that verification.”

Marti Belle: “I just reported a fake Allysin. I don’t even tell you anymore. I just report them. If you ever get contacted by someone saying they’re our manager or they’re our agent—”

Fightful: “It’s me trying to steal money from you.”

Marti Belle: “—it’s Sean Ross Sapp.”

Fightful: “It’s me.”

Allysin Kay: “Listen, Sienna78425 with 13 followers, it’s not me. It is not my back up account. I promise you, it’s never my back up account.”

Fightful: “Would they ask me to get VISA gift cards?”

Marti Belle: “Yeah.”

Allysin Kay: “It’s always some scam where it won’t be connected to them. It’s all a scam, okay? I have so many ways that you can give me money if you want to give me money all on my Link Tree, okay? I will never reach out to you in a DM saying, ‘Just give me an Amazon gift card.’ But you can do that on my Amazon wish list, but that’s different. It’s through my link tree.”

Marti Belle: “Yes.,, you will find ways to actually legitimately give us money without us asking you to give us money.”

Fightful: “I respect that. You guys have been getting money a few different places lately, all over the place. You guys had the Impact run. Are you all looking to do more there or are you all finishing up there?”

Marti Belle: “We love where we’re at right now. We love the control that we have over our careers, over everything that we do. There’s nowhere that we wouldn’t go. We loved our time at Impact as singles competitors, so coming back together was literally the perfect way to come back. We would love to come back and walk away with those championships.”

Allysin Kay: “I mean, there’s one of them on the table right behind the cameraman over here.”

Marti Belle: “She’s not paying attention.”

Fightful: “She’s not paying attention.’

Allysin Kay: “Here’s the thing, the Hex would never leave their championships unattended, okay? The Hex would never.”

Marti Belle: “The Hex would never.”

Fightful: “You should go get one, get it right now. Just steal it. Just steal it.”

Allysin Kay: “I legitimately don’t think she’s going to notice.”

Fightful: “I love this.”

Allysin Kay: “Is she even looking?”

Fightful: “She’s looking.”

Allysin Kay: “Oh, she saw. Damn.”

Fightful: “She saw it, she saw it. Uh-oh. Here we go.”

KiLynn King: “I think they’re a little salty because they didn’t win their tag match. It’s not my fault.”

Allysin Kay: “But I will say, who did we win that NWA Women’s World Tag Team Championships against? That final match was against who?”

KiLynn King: “Do you still have those titles, though? You wanna talk smack, A.K.? I’ll come right back at it with you. C’mon, let’s go.”

Fightful: “I fear you have been owned.”

Allysin Kay: “I accept that.”

KiLynn King: “That’s my cameo. Bye, guys.”

Fightful: “Look at that, we got KiLynn King here. I totally baited that situation. I just went full Twitter troll and made that happen. It is so easy. It is so easy.

Allysin Kay: “It really is. We’re all very fragile human beings, okay? It’s not that hard to get us going.”

KiLynn King: “KiLynn King is better than AK47.”

Fightful: “Look at that. KiLynn King, I had to add some star power to this. I had to add some, not gold, silver to this thing.”

Marti Belle: “What are you saying?”

Fightful: “I’m not saying anything.”

Marti Belle: “What are you trying to say?”

Fightful: “I’m not saying anything. Allysin Kay just walked away. What she doing? Oh, my gosh.”

Allysin Kay: “I got my own. It’s that easy, folks. It’s that easy at a convention. Look at that.”

Fightful: “She just stole a Hollywood Hogan NWO title belt.

Marti Belle: “Come back! Allysin, come back!”

Fightful: “Intercontinental Champion!”

Allysin Kay: “I felt really bad. I thought that girl was gonna have a panic attack.”

Fightful: “You just bullied a child.”

Allysin Kay: “She’s at least eighteen. I don’t know.”

Fightful: “She’s not, absolutely not.”

Allysin Kay: “She’s fine, she’s fine. I bullied an adult.”

Fightful: “This is—”

Allysin Kay: “This is not going the way you planned it, I’m sorry.”

Fightful: “Guys, until next time. We’re out.”

The Hex have discussed their contract status in the past, noting that they are in fact free agents. Fans can learn more about that at this link.

KiLynn King, who made a cameo during this interview, has also spoken about her contract status. She's signed with IMPACT Wrestling and one-half of the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Champions. Learn more about that here.

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