Jimmy Hart: Omos Is The Current WWE Superstar I'd Like To Manage

Jimmy Hart says he would like to manage Omos if given the opportunity and reflects on his managerial history.

Jimmy Hart, arguably, is on the Mount Rushmore of wrestling managers. With his airbrushed jackets and his signature megaphone, Jimmy Hart is one of the premier managers of the 1980s. Speaking with Sean Ross Sapp recently, Jimmy Hart said he was always happy to work with anyone he was given and everyone was typically always happy to work with “The Mouth of the South.”

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“Well, I’ll be honest with you, everybody they gave me, I was happy to get,” Jimmy explained. "I haven’t heard of anybody not wanting to be with Jimmy Hart. After all, if you’re with me you get your own jacket that Jimmy Hart wore with your picture on the back. So who wouldn’t want to do that?”

As for who he would like to manage from today's roster, Jimmy Hart, who had managed big men like Earthquake, Typhoon, and King Kong Bundy in the past, chose Omos as someone he would like to you be in the corner of in today's WWE.

“I think Omos. I like him,” said Hart. “I think he’s got possibilities. He’s pretty young. He’s got great size and everything else. He’s somebody if I had the opportunity to try to get him where he needs to get to. Plus, I had King Kong Bundy and Earthquake and Typhoon and all the bigger guys back then. But I think that would be great.”

Speaking about the difference between wrestling back in the 80s and wrestling today, Jimmy Hart said everyone today is a much better athlete but back then, it was all about the larger-than-life characters.

“Well, you know, everyone we had back then, whether it was Randy Savage or John Studd or Hulk Hogan or whoever, they were all bigger-than-life characters. The guys now, they’re very athletic and very good, and we love them all and they do a tremendous job, they really do,” said Hart.

These days, Omos has a manager in MVP, but Jimmy Hart and his trusty megaphone are never too far away from the WWE Universe, should anyone want a manager with more experience.

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