JONAH (Bronson Reed) Says If WWE Were Smart, They'd Keep Him In WWE 2K22

The former Bronson Reed talks about the scanning process for WWE 2K22.

Recently, there was a report from Mike Straw that the recent WWE releases forced an additional delay of WWE 2K22, specifically stating that the NXT releases hampered DLC plans for the upcoming game.

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Bronson Reed was a major star of NXT this year and as he was said to be the centerpiece of a reported DLC pack, he is now talking about the scanning process for the video games and how he feels about potentially being added into the game, and what he believed WWE and 2K Games should do.

Speaking with Sean Ross Sapp in an exclusive interview, JONAH says he believes his character should stay in the game as it would be a bonus for the audience to still have superstars from outside promotions in the game.

"I did the scans, all the different facial feature scans and I came in for a separate scanning for my tattoos and stuff. I was sent videos from the MoCap people of them doing all my moves and making sure they were right. I was all ready to be in there, but I don't think that's happening now. I would love to be in the game. I think, if they were smart, that would appeal to a lot of the fans. 'Ah, WWE kept these people in the game,' or unlockable characters, however you want to do it. Nowadays, you pay for them, but it's something to do. They own the name Bronson Reed, so it's up to them. I think it would be they would pay my royalties, I don't have to sign off on anything because I have already done the scans and everything. It would just if they want to pay me money."

The game, which is slated for a March release, is going to receive a major ramp-up in news and developments beginning in January 2022. Recently, 2K Games unveiled 10 features that they believe will make WWE 2K22 “hit different.” Learn more here.

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