KC Navarro Is Looking To Prove Himself vs Tate Mayfairs In Super Strong Style 16

KC Navarro previews his upcoming first round match with Tate Mayfairs in the Super Strong Style tournament.

KC is no stranger to Progress in the UK, as he has competed for the promotion on two occasions prior to this weekend. In his debut with the promotion, Navarro featured on a team picked by Tate Mayfairs, but came up short in his Progress debut.

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While speaking to Fightful's Corey Brennan ahead of his match with Tate this weekend, KC noted that while he has a lot of respect for Tate, he still

"I mean, I think it's no secret. I have a lot of respect for Tate. When I debuted in Progress, he was kind of the first person I got introduced to cause I was on his team. The fans did not want to see me on his team. After I heard about him, part of me didn't want to be on his team. I didn't want to be hated by the locker room before I get there. But Tate's been doing amazing things. I mean, he's a world champion and undefeated in the last year, I believe. But he's been talking a lot about me ever since they announced me and him on everything. He talks about he's a world champion. I think Tate seems to forget that I am the truly blessed Warrior World champion. I mean, even though, unfortunately, you know, Warrior right now doesn't look like they're coming back. But it's okay. This pink title before the acclaimed. Let me put that up. Okay. Anthony Bowens, you know what I'm talking about? I made this before they did. Maybe I'll have my own new world title for Super Strong Style. So we're not going to worry about this, but however, forget also, I have another belt and I have another belt and I also have another one. So it's really, he's underestimating me a lot. He wasn't in the ring with me. Against me. I was on his team. Not only that, I'm not the guy that lost the match either. So I kind of proved myself the next time I came back to Progress. Not because Tate brought me back to Progress. Because the fans wanted me back. So let me make that clear as well. Because that's another thing I don't like that Tate says. Oh, I gave him the rub. You didn't do nothing. You did nothing. But the fans wanted me back. I proved myself. I defended my world title. I retained it. And I think I did enough to impress the office that now I'm in the Super Strong Style 16. I think there's no better way to start it off than to put me against Tate to prove myself."

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