Kenny Omega Says AEW's Tag Team Division Is Greatest In The World, Hangman Page Story Was Rewarding

Kenny Omega saw himself in a familiar role in 2020, as a tag team star.

Omega has done plenty of tag team wrestling, specifically with Kota Ibushi in Japan. However, many expected Omega to be an immediate anchor the All Elite Wrestling singles division. Instead, he helped establish one of the deepest tag team divisions in wrestling history. The move was a resounding success, aiding develop Omega and his former partner Adam "Hangman" Page as two of the most intriguing character

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Speaking with Omega at the launch of his REDCON1 supplement line, Omega told Fightful about his love of tag team wrestling and the angle flourishing.

"I never lost faith in the pursuit of (tag team success). There are a lot of people who probably don't know my history and what I accomplished in Japan or overseas. I enjoy tag wrestling and think it's an art form in itself and it's a different challenge than putting together a singles match. Especially with AEW, we built the tag division to be the greatest in all of the promotions. I have a lot of faith in our tag division, there are some incredible athletes and teams. The best part of that is that these are all teams that are committed to being the best tag team and the alpha dog in our division. It was awesome to run the gauntlet and work with all these guys. For me, to have this long story and relationship with Hangman Page and explore our characters more so within that division was really rewarding. I'm really glad that Hangman was allowed to show his personality. Inside and outside of wrestling, he has one of the most fun characters to watch in pure form. With how many people we have in AEW, it's tough to see everyone, so you have to make the best of every situation. You would have thought that maybe our characters would be watered-down in the tag division because we have more bodies to deal with, but being able to play off each other, really helped tell the story of camaraderie and motivation of who we are as people. Now that we're out of the situation, you're going to know more about us as people in our singles careers. I'm happy to be able to work with one of my friends and exit out when it was time to do the singles thing, and coming out and having a stronger character for both of us," Omega said.

We were sent along the following to gain some more information on Omega's REDCON1 supplement line:

REDCON1 is not just a prominent name among bodybuilders, but also pro-wrestlers and fans. In the past year, Singerman noticed many of the REDCON1’s consumers were also fans of professional wrestling or the wrestlers themselves. Last year, he started searching for a partner in the wrestling community, and discovered Kenny Omega, who Sports Illustrated named both wrestler of the year in 2017 and top male wrestler in 2018 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2020. Omega is not only an elite athlete spanning a 20 year career as a global wrestling superstar, but also a like-minded businessman. In addition to being an owner, executive and wrestler for AEW, Omega is lead on creative for the new AEW Games a separate organization that is launching a Next Gen console game and two mobile games.

After using Redcon1 products for over a year, Singerman decided to bring Omega, dubbed “the best in-ring performer alive” to the team. Omega will work with REDCON1 to develop a line of his favorite products and apparel. This not only marks history for REDCON1, but also for the professional wrestling industry, as Omega is the first wrestler to be directly involved in a sports supplement brand developing products.

You can see our full interview with Kenny Omega at the top of the page. You can learn more about his REDCON1 Products at their official website and at this link. Omega is set to compete for the AEW World Championship at December 2's AEW Dynamite on TNT.

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