Latest Details On MLW-Alex Hammerstone Situation

Alex Hammerstone returned to MLW at Fightland…sort of.

Hammerstone returned to MLW, joining World Titan Federation, with it being noted that he was able to secure his “release from MLW.” This led to many people suspecting and even outright proclaiming that the entire situation was a work, which it wasn’t and isn’t.

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Hammerstone clarified on his Twitter, that coming back to do the World Titan Federation angle helped secure him his release. We’re told that is actually true, and that Hammerstone reached an agreement with MLW to work this angle and finish up at the end of 2023. The deal was put together just days before Fightland.

Throughout the night at Fightland, Hammerstone was kept under wraps and he wasn't even in the building throughout the night. He entered the arena once the Alex Kane vs. Jacob Fatu match started, and was listed as "WTF OUTSIDER" on run sheets.

Assuming no deal is reached to keep Hammerstone in the company, he will be a free agent in 2024. Hammerstone was actually tentatively slated to join the WTF stable earlier this year at one point.

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