Lio Rush Says He's Mulling Over Stepping Away From Wrestling, Clarifies Tweet

Lio Rush knows how to get people talking, and he has people doing it now.

After his WWE release in April 2020, Rush set his focus on releasing his new album, Ever After. But just shortly before that released, he posted a tweet that had people speculating about his future in the squared circle.

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Fightful spoke to Lio Rush and asked for some clarity, and he admitted stepping away from wrestling has been on his mind.

"It’s definitely a real thing," said Lio. "It was a tweet that and a thought that I’ve been thinking about for some time now. Even before the release I remember talking to my family, talking to some other people that are pretty close to me in the wrestling business, as well as outside of the wrestling business. Just saying to myself, “I don’t see myself wrestling for that much longer.” Just because numerous things, but even after once the release happened it kinda make me think about it even more. Because obviously the situation that world is in right now and nobody knows what’s next, nobody knows what’s gonna happen, nobody knows when wrestling shows are gonna start back up and stuff like that," Lio said.

With the Coronavirus pandemic putting much of entertainment on hold, Lio isn't looking at his release as negatively as you might thing. He seems relieved to be out of the WWE spotlight, and into a new one instead.

"I feel like this was the perfect time to be away from wrestling and not jump right back into wrestling just because, I feel like, although my time in the WWE there’s been a lot of good times and great moments and great memories that will live on forever in the history books of WWE; I feel like there’s also been some bad times and some of those bad times have been pretty traumatizing for me emotionally. So, my thought process was just, “Do I use this time away from wrestling in a time like this in the world to focus on things that I’ve always wanted to focus on, to have control of the things that I’ve always wanted to have control over? To spend time with my family? Just to be happy? Or do I want to just jump right back into the wrestling bubble in a time where I didn’t have control over a lot? Where I was unhappy, where I was frustrated, where I was confused. Just a lot of different emotions," said Lio.

Lio Rush has been releasing music tracks on his Youtube since last year, but with his "Ever After" album coming out, he feels a unique sense of creative control in what he's doing now.

"I’m happy when I’m making music. I’m not making music for other people," said Lio. "I have complete control with my music. I feel like although I’m making music, if people like it, then that’s great. I would love if they did like it. But, if not, then that’s okay. Because at the end of the day I’m still doing something that I love, I’m doing something that makes me happy. So, I think my main focus right now is doing stuff that makes me happy. Being around my family, taking the time to focus on things that I didn’t have time to focus on within my three years of that. Obviously, I’m never gonna say—well, I guess I did say I just might not. But, there is that “might” in that sentence because [it is a serious thought process that I have.]"

Usually when a wrestler is released from WWE, they get a significant number of bookings for independent shows and signings since they're fresh off of TV. However, Lio doesn't have that benefit since there are no wrestling shows going on. Lio told us he's heard from some people, but hasn't gotten any concrete offers from wrestling companies

"No, honestly I haven’t. I would be kinda surprised if I did, just because who knows what’s gonna happen? Even if you were to ask other people, and I’m sure you have, ask other people if that have gotten released from the WWE, “What’s next? Where do you see yourself in a month or two or three or four?” Like, who the hell knows, man? That’s not even on my brain right now. I’m just trying to figure out how to make it through this situation. That’s not even something that I’m trying to rush into. Of course, like some indie promotions have shot me some messages and support, and saying, “You’re always welcome back here.” Places that I’ve had great relationships with. As far as major places reaching out to me, it’s kind of crazy that they would anyways just because of what’s going on in the world right now," he said.

Lio also opened up about his future, his music career, and much more in the exclusive interview with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp which you can view above. We'll have much more from this interview over the next couple of weeks. Make sure to check out Lio's music and other upcoming projects at his website.

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