Madusa on Mandy Rose: It’s A Double Standard If No Warning, Guys Get Warnings In This Business

The WWE Hall-of-Famer Madusa (a.k.a. Alundra Blayze) gave her opinion on the release of the former WWE NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose.

Madusa was the guest on Fightful’s Wrestling Perspective Podcast with Lars Frederiksen and Dennis Ferrell this week. She spoke on various topics, and one of the many topics discussed was about the recent release of Mandy Rose. Madusa was asked what advice she would give the recently departed NXT Champion.

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“That question is brought up a lot, everyone has their own reasoning, everyone has their own decisions, and we are a product of our actions, let’s put it that way. Even with times changing, if Mandy chose to be a pro wrestler, sign with WWE, and get a second chance by going to NXT and reinventing herself, and she just ignited. She really came into her own, right? She was doing so good, and it was so beautiful to see. Her and I get along great, and I feel that if you're under contract, you know what the rules are, if you want to try to push the envelope, you know what the ramifications are.” Madusa said.

Madusa would bring up the contract Rose signed, and wondered if Rose was given warnings prior to the release. Madusa also pointed out that if she was not given warnings, there are double standards.

Madusa would comment further, "I'm not saying what she chose to do was wrong for Mandy, but perhaps maybe wrong for the contract. If you know you're going into the contract and signing with a company with these rules and regulations of what you can do and what you can't do, then you should know the rules, right? On the other hand, with her own fan page. I think it's great to have side hustles. However, if you're under a contract that owns your likeness, even though you're using a different name, and you're being presented in that way where it has effects on what you're doing, a company has every right to, you know, have a standoff meeting and probably communicate with you once or twice, and then do what they need to do, or is it a double standard?"

Mandy Rose signed on with the WWE in 2015. Rose's first televised appearance for the company was as a competitor on the WWE reality series "Tough Enough." Rose would later sign with the WWE that year.

"I'm just saying, men in general with this business, it still happens today, can get hung out by their balls sack and still get a second chance. If she got a warning, then she still continued to do it, and then she got fired, then shame on her. If you're under contract, business is business. You know what you’re getting into period, unless she wanted to f it up, take her hiatus and go somewhere else, then that was her choice. We don't know that, I don't know that, you don't know that." Madusa said.

Medusa would explain to Lars and Dennis what she would do if she was looking at a new contract, if she had a side gig of sorts similar to Mandy Rose.

"I'm sure she had a lawyer, my lawyer, and I would sit down to look at this contract. I cannot be on Twitch. I cannot have my own fans only page. I'm dedicated to just this, and I would say, okay, I'm willing to accept that and sign this contract for X amount of years. Then when this comes due to renew, I'll reevaluate it to see if this is what I want to do, and then maybe pursue other things, and that's how I do business." Madusa said.

Madusa believes that if Mandy Rose was not given the option to stop with the material, there is a double standard, and that is something that needs to be changed.

Madusa would tell Lars Frederiksen, "I think there are things that still need to be changed. If it was a double standard, if there was no warning for her, guys get warnings in this business, and they're still employed there, which is unfortunate."

The WWE released Mandy Rose on December 14th. was the first to break the news about the release, and that story can be read by clicking here.

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