Mark Haskins: Whenever I Saw Mad Kurt It Made Me Smile, I Wish I Had Told Him That

Mark Haskins remembers the late Mad Kurt.

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Mad Kurt was a talent who made many wrestlers and fans smile with his antics in and inside the ring. Playing the role of the average troll, Kurt faced off with some of the top names in the UK scene with his death in December of last year being felt throughout the British scene.

While speaking to Fightful's Corey Brennan in a recent interview, Mark Haskins spoke about Mad Kurt and the wit he brought to wrestling while also speaking candidly about suicidal thoughts and depression.

"Mad Kurt, whenever I saw him on a show, it was a reminder to... enjoy myself a little bit more. I never told him that and I wish I had, you know, because whenever I saw him, it made me smile and I'd seen him go from being a kid who was just trying to be a good wrestler to then being a kid who was actually, I think, very innovative. He was very, there was a certain wit to what it was that he did and I really admired that and I never told him that and I wish I had because I think that it's, you know, it's only in hindsight that you look back and think, I wish I told this person that, or I wish that that person had known that if they were going through something that they could have reached out. You never want to see people fall. You don't want to see or even think that people were necessarily in a dark place and that they were alone. So I'll say this now. So everyone, for whoever's watching, look, if you're ever at a dark place, I've been there. Like I, when I was in Japan years ago, I wanted to kill myself. I was stood on the roof of the building. I was standing in, and the only reason I didn't jump was, was because I remembered the words that my mom had told me, which was, if you're ever at that point, just remember there is always another way, right? I took myself away. I went and like a year later, met the most beautiful, incredible woman in the world. Within six months of that, we were pregnant with our first son, Jack. Now she is the absolute beautiful, gorgeous psychopath that I call my wife. So there's always a point where you're going to think, I don't see myself getting out of this. But you know, the night is darkest when it's closest to the dawn you know? So if, if you are going through some stuff like that, know that that doesn't have to be the way that there is always a chance for you to, to, to change things. There's always a chance for you to do something else. So if anyone is ever at like a really dark point and is contemplating doing something that's irreversible, please don't do it. Reach out to somebody, reach out to me. I will get back to you. Like I promise you, Yeah, like I think that Mad Kurt, it was sad that that was what ended up happening. I think it's sad as well because, you know, sometimes the people who, it's like the people who try to make others laugh the most, it's coming from a place because they're not smiling inside. I just, you know, it's heartbreaking and I wish I could have made him smile."

In multiple other interviews with stars of the British wrestling scene, Fightful's Corey Brennan asked for more memories and tributes to the late Mad Kurt. You can read more about those tributes here.

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