Matt Cardona Plays Bro Or No: Vince Russo, DDP, Riddle, Robert Stone

Fightful has had its fair share of bros around. We did shows with Matt Riddle and Vince Russo. DDP was our first sponsor, and we have interviews up with both Robert Stone and Matt Cardona. But what does Cardona think of these other Bros.

Are they actually Bros? Find out on Bro or No.

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Diamond Dallas Page:

"DDP’s definitely a bro. In fact, here’s a little plugski for DDP, I just started doing his DDP Jacked and got his blood restriction straps. I used them yesterday for a leg work out. Unbelievable. I highly recommend the DDPY and the DDP Jacked."

Robert Stone:

"Robert Stone is not a bro. Robert Stone is Robbie Free. In fact, he just started his own gym to get a free membership. Right? He invested all this money just so he could get a free gym membership. All kidding aside, I like Rob. I’ve known Rob my entire wrestling career. He did steal my gimmick and then unfriended me on Facebook for a long time. That is the truth. But, still a bro."

Vince Russo:

"Bro, I love Vince Russo. I actually had him review one of the fantasy fig-feds. I got a figure signed by Vince Russo, I paid for it and I made him write, ‘Turmoil is Better Than Thrill Zone.’"

Matt Riddle:

"I guess he’s a bro. I don’t really know him well. All my interactions with him have been cool. Super talented, 100%."

You can see our full interview with Matt Cardona at the top of the page, and can check out the Major Pod Network at this link.

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