MLW News From Fightland: Alex Kane, Jacob Fatu, WTF, More

- Everyone was happy with the 48 minute Alex Kane vs. Jacob Fatu title match at MLW Fightland, we're told. Kane got busted open hardway but didn't require stitches.

- World Titan Federation shirts went on sale for MLW last week and have been a top seller since the angle.

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- The new Máscara Dorada blew a lot of people away in MLW. He will be a regular going forward in the company as they look to freshen up the roster.

- Second Gear Crew vs. RSP and AKIRA had their blowoff match. RSP and The Calling are set to feud with AKIRA into the new year.

- Indie star Josh Bishop will be a regular in MLW going forward, and joined WTF. There will be more "outsiders" joining the group.

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