Mojo Rawley Didn't Have To Audition For Snake Eyes Role, Reveals How He Landed It

Mojo Rawley's gone Hollywood.

It was recently revealed that the former WWE Superstar would be appearing in the upcoming Snake Eyes movie. Mojo (real name Dean Muhtadi) can be seen at the beginning of the most recent trailer fighting against Henry Golding's title character.

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Speaking with Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp, Rawley shared that he was informed about the role by WWE Talent Relations. He quickly jumped at the opportunity and gave no mind to whatever else was on his schedule.

He began by saying, "So, dude, I was just finishing up a workout and I got a call from talent relations and they pretty much told me that I was requested for Snake Eyes and they were trying to see if my schedule was open to do it. I was like, ‘Forget my schedule! Whatever I have booked, we’re throwing out the window. Let’s rock, baby.’ I was so excited about it."

Without the need for an audition, Mojo only found out about the role a couple of weeks before filming. Despite that, he is thrilled with the way everything turned out and has no doubts that the film is going to be incredible.

"I don’t remember exactly how long before we filmed that I found out, but it was not a long time," he said. "Maybe a week or two. I didn’t have any script or any kind of heads up on what I was gonna be doing in the movie. It was pretty much, ‘Do you want to be in it?’ I was like, ‘Uh, yes. Whatever it is, I’m in. Let’s check this out. I’m so excited about it. We’ll handle it from there.’ So, I kinda went in blind. But, man, I tell you what, what they put together was unbelievable. The film itself is gonna be incredible. Summer blockbuster. It’s gonna be huge. I’m very, very excited about my contributions to the film, that’s for sure."

Mojo joins Sgt. Slaughter as the only other WWE talent to be a part of the iconic franchise.

"We’re gonna have to resurface some more of them together. I love Sarge, he’s the best," Mojo exclaimed.

While feuding with Zack Ryder in late 2017, Rawley impressed many with his acting abilities after releasing a selfie promo. It was so influential, in fact, that WWE started having more Superstars cutting promos on their cell phones and airing them during the shows. According to Mojo, however, this is his major foray into the field. He said the following:

"This will be my first big film. I’ve done some commercials and some other smaller things over the years, but this is definitely my first jump into that industry. Yeah, dude. It came out great. It was pretty seamless coming in from wrestling. Yes, they are two very wildly different industries, but there’s actually a little more in common than you’d think. So, I was just happy at how smooth the transition was. It came out great."

Currently looking for an agent, Mojo says that he is being cautious and doing his due diligence, something he is aware that others might find shocking given his on-screen persona.

"Actually, I’m agent hunting right now," he revealed. "I’ve been talking with a few. It’s all been very positive. Regardless of what people might think, I do like to take my time and think things through. Do all my due diligence on everything. It’s not only crazy impulsive decisions. But, yeah, man. It’s going great. I think this is going to open a lot of doors for me in that space. Just setting up the pieces right now. Definitely more to come. We’ve already been in talks about that."

As for whether or not he was a fan of G.I. Joe growing up, Mojo shared that he, his brother, and their cousins had all the toys and would watch the cartoon all the time.

"Bro, I had all of the toys. Like, all of the toys. Me and my brother, cousins and whatnot. We had all of them and we watched. It was great. I mean, Snake Eyes is the fan-favorite by a mile out of everyone. So, it was so cool to be a part of that specifically," Rawley said.

After signing with WWE in 2012, Mojo was released by the company on April 15, 2021.

Snake Eyes is set to be released in theatres on July 23, 2021. The trailer can be seen below, via Paramount Pictures.

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