More Details On Adam Cole, His Meeting With Vince McMahon, WWE Contract Talks

Adam Cole's WWE contract was up in July, but there's a lot more to it than that.

WWE has made a play to retain Cole, Fightful Select has learned, and reported a ton on the situation after it unfolded:

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Much has been made of Adam Cole's contract situation with the company. Most, including Cole we're told by WWE, had hoped to keep the situation quiet and it seemed there was an understanding that it'd be kept close to the vest. Others, when finding out the situation, argued that the possible expiry of the deal should be publicized, considering the competitive nature of the wrestling world. By the end of July, word had spread that Adam Cole's new "agreement" was set to run through Summerslam. We can confirm that Cole had not formally been offered a full on, new contract by WWE as of yet, but were told "it's obviously planned" by a person of influence within WWE.

Adam Cole still doesn't have a long-term contract with WWE. However, we've learned more about the situation that led to where the two sides are now. Upon learning that Cole's deal was up, WWE gained a verbal agreement with Cole. We're told shortly after that he actually did sign a short-term extension to through Summerslam weekend. Until this, we'd not had confirmation he'd put pen to paper on the extension.

The sources we've spoken to said that Adam Cole maintains a positive relationship with those at the top of NXT, and there's a lot of mutual respect there.

Wrestling Observer corrected an earlier report after Tony Khan clarified that AEW hadn't made a contract offer to Cole. Fightful has even heard the two sides have yet to have a formal conversation.

Beyond that, WWE sources have indicated that Cole was at Friday's WWE Smackdown for what is being called a "high level meeting" with Vince McMahon.

Fightful learned that a couple of hours before Smackdown, Cole was taken directly to Vince McMahon's office, in something that was said to have appeared a "high priority" to McMahon himself. Those high up in WWE said that they heard the meeting went well, and Vince McMahon seemed to have taken a liking to Adam Cole on a personal level.

People backstage at Smackdown said that Cole was not around during the show. WWE had originally hoped to bring Cole in the Friday before to Smackdown in Minnesota, but switched it to the following week in Tampa for logistical reasons.

Fightful has been informed there have been pitches for Cole on both Raw and Smackdown over the last week if he were to re-sign, with WWE sources telling us that it was communicated to Cole that he is wanted on the main roster.

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