More On Stephanie McMahon Leaving WWE, Rumors Vince McMahon Pushed Her Out

A couple of weeks after stepping away from WWE, Stephanie McMahon is still the subject of headlines, as she's now back as interim CEO. We've learned more behind that initial absence, as it was incorrectly rumored Vince McMahon pushed her out.

A Business Insider report had indicated that Vince McMahon had pushed Stephanie McMahon out when she took her leave of absence in May, however we can confirm that those that were involved with WWE ahead of the Nick Khan regime were letting people know that wasn't the case even before the news dropped. However, some hires in the new regime were quick to say that there were performance issues and things to improve upon, but not along the lines that it was something that caused the end of her job. Sources from both regimes say that the decision was hers. The recent story from Wall Street Journal that the WWE board has been investigating Vince McMahon since April lends credibility to that, as Stephanie was aware of such.

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To expand on that, another situation that was clarified was Business Insider saying that WWE Head of Global Sales & Partnerships Claudine Lilien was "leaving WWE." We were able to confirm that she was let go, and wasn't looked upon as a great hire by McMahon. We were told there were plenty of areas of improvement in that department such as selling sponsors on a much more broad, long-term basis instead of a single show basis.

Stephanie is interim CEO as Vince McMahon has stepped down while an investigation into alleged misconduct takes place.

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