Most WWE Wrestlers Weren't Informed Of Draft Pools Before WWE Leaked Them

WWE wrestlers were left in the dark for at least part of the draft.

Though we aren't sure what WWE Superstars knew about their destinations, it would appear that at least most of them had no idea about the draft pools. Fightful Select revealed the following after the draft:

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Several WWE talent spoke with Fightful and let us know that they were informed about where they would be in the WWE draft pool by the Fox Sports report that went up on Thursday afternoon. At least one was said to have expressed displeasure about this. WWE issued a virtually identical press release shortly thereafter. There were several that actually found out they wouldn't be included in the draft pools via the WWE statement as well.

There were some wrestlers who did know they were going to be switching brands a couple of weeks ahead of the move, but we can't say if that was the case for everyone. In the past, WWE has preferred to surprise wrestlers with their draft positions and destinations in the past.

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