NJPW Fallout Down Under: Perth From Sportlord Anna Bauert

Editor's note: Anna Bauert attended NJPW's Perth show Monday as a member of the media on behalf of Fightful.com. You'll see a collection of videos, interviews, reviews, photos and more that she did while on assignment on the site throughout the week.


Juice Robinson is someone I’d never really gotten into before, but after watching him live, I have seen the light. Robinson, swapped out from his usual Care Bear-looking trunks to nice velvety-looking ones (I suspect he shares a gear designer with EVIL), looked like he was having the time of his life. This was the first time I’ve seen Toa Henare, a young lion from New Zealand, and I can pretty confidently say this won’t be the last. The dude is crazy in the best, most entertaining way. Thanks to Henare, any unknowing parents quickly realized this wasn’t your stock-standard WWE show when Henare yelled over to Robinson, “Tag me in, ...-sucker!” And the missing word ain’t “lollipop”.

It was refreshing.

Click to reveal the magic word

As for The Young Bucks, well, they’re the g-d- Young Bucks, son. These legends, as I learned before the show, were first on the card so they could catch the red-eye to Brisbane to then jump on a plane to LAX so they could spend 18 hrs with their families before heading back to Japan. I suspect they were already exhausted, but hats off to them for still putting on a highly entertaining match. These guys know how to draw in a crowd and then some. A lot of comedy, a lot of fan favourite spots. And the Bucks selling Henare’s crazy was excellent.

The crowd was pretty even on both sides; The Bucks had everyone from the go, but Robinson & Henare very quickly won them over. All in all, I think the majority of people were just having a great time enjoying the antics of both sides. Matt Jackson pinned Henare for the win after the brothers delivered a sweet Meltzer Driver for the finish.

Superkick Paaaaaartay


Elliot Sexton deserved more love. The crowd quickly jumped on his side after a proper introduction to Lance Archer, but that man deserved a welcome fit for a king. Or a Trophy wife. ...Life. Trophy Life. Watch now on YouTube.

Archer decided against a formal entrance and entered the arena through the crowd, spraying everyone with water. Out of his mouth. And at one point, right into my right eye.

From the #NJPW show courtesy of @annabauert

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After a nice little back and forth about Sexton’s mother (side note: is it possible to get an article demonetized? Asking for a friend), “Shit Jack Sparrow”, as dubbed by the crowd, was quick to draw blood from Sexton with thunderous chops. The match was highly entertaining, with Sexton telling his best underdog story against a man who, well, at one point a fan in the crowd actually yelled, “Kill him! Literally, kill him!”. You get the picture.

In good Aussie spirit, the crowd were on point with their chants all night, including a Sean Waltman one to which Archer proceeded to crotch-chop the audience before remarking, “He’s a little f---er anyway”.

Archer vs Sexton, after X-Pac chants. #njpwaus #prowrestling

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Giant behemoth Sexton threatened to go for a flippy off the top rope, only to be suplexed off the middle by Archer. Archer soon won with the pin after a low-blow and a Blackout to finish.