R-Truth Says The Stress Of WWF Hardcore Title Doesn't Compare To The WWE 24/7 Title

R-Truth has to look over his shoulder a lot as 24/7 Champion, but wasn't worried about Carmella coming after his crown until it was too late. 

When speaking to Fightful recently, R-Truth told us that despite the fact that everyone thought the former Smackdown Women's Champion should come after his 24/7 Title, the thought didn't even cross his mind.

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"That’s my dawg right here," R-Truth told us. "That is my pick, this is my partner in crime, dog, know what I’m saying? We share this thing, you know what I’m saying? No, I ain’t worried about that. I’m worried about everybody else. I’m worried about you too, ‘cause I don’t know what you got up your sleeve."

Carmella would win the WWE 24/7 Title from Truth just a couple of weeks ago.

Although the 24/7 Title is new, Truth does have some prior experience. When performing as K-Kwik in 2001, he twice briefly won the WWF Hardcore Title, only to lose it immediately after. He noted that the similarities between the two are few and far between, and the 24/7 Title has changed his lifestyle.

"It doesn’t compare at all, dog. It’s a whole new living right here. This right here, this got everybody and their mama wanting this one, know what I’m saying? But that’s not happening right now, dog, my baby’s staying with me. With me and ‘Mella. That’s just way it’s gonna happen. I don’t trust nobody at my home, either. I don’t trust nobody at church. I don’t trust nobody at picnics, at birthday parties, know what I’m saying? Nowhere. Nobody, but ‘Mella," said Truth.

Carmella was quick to back up his statements, saying that she's helping Truth keep an eye out -- at least when HE'S 24/7 Champion.

"Always. My head’s on a swivel. Everywhere we go, I’m always watchin’ his back, and he’s watchin’ mine." Carmella added

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