Becky Lynch And Charlotte Flair Got Into A Backstage Confrontation Following WWE SmackDown

The WWE Women's Title swap didn't go as planned.

Mike Johnson at PWInsider reports Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair got into a "heated confrontation" backstage following the WWE Women's Title swap to close SmackDown with "loud words being exchanged" but no physicality.

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Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp noted, "There were disagreements with how the segment was going to go, they hadn't planned on the belt being thrown down, and there were some words exchanged backstage."

According to the PWInsider report, Flair allegedly disrespected Lynch by "trying to make her look bad."

During the segment, Flair was to hand the belt to Lynch, but instead pulled it away and threw the belt on the mat.In the segment, Charlotte picked up the Raw Women's Title and handed it to Sonya Deville before Becky threw the SmackDown Women's Title at Charlotte.

PWInsider reports that Charlotte voiced concerns before the segment over not wanting to look weak.

After the title exchange, Sasha Banks came out and brawled with Charlotte.

TalkSPORT reports the strained relationship between Charlotte and Becky began when Becky called Charlotte "plastic" in a promo. Speaking to Renee Paquette during WWE SummerSlam weekend, Charlotte admitted she and Becky were not as close as they once were.

Vince McMahon reportedly wasn't happy Charlotte left Gorilla position without talking to him.

Fightful Select reported the following:

Fightful learned shortly after the October 22 Smackdown show that something didn't go according to plan, and PWInsider reported that Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair had a heated argument backstage after the segment over Charlotte "making Becky Lynch look bad" by throwing down the title when it wasn't called for in the script.

Fightful has heard more details on the situation. The original script actually called for Becky Lynch to grab the title away from Charlotte Flair and brag about being "Becky Two Belts" before Sonya Deville would order her to hand her title to Charlotte. We're told Charlotte Flair didn't agree this was the best course of action, but was told to stay the course. However, we've heard that most everyone had already been in agreement the segment was going to be an awkward. After Charlotte dropped the title on the ground, Lynch ended up throwing hers at Charlotte, which we're told was planned for the segment, contrary to original reports.

After the segment concluded, there was a shouting match backstage, and we're told that Charlotte had stated that dropping the title was accidental. Fightful has also been told that Charlotte Flair was asked to leave the venue before Becky Lynch's dark match concluded as to avoid further confrontation and let things cool off.

Much of the roster, staff and officials had already left for the evening, as there was a heavy travel week. We'll work to find out more, as we've heard there's been friction between from at least one side going back a while, as TalkSport has reported, and can confirm that she'd taken issues with booking this week, namely the finish of Raw, to at least one person backstage.

In an update, there were members of the roster that challenged the idea that Charlotte "campaigned" to lose to Bianca Belair on Monday, although she seemed fine losing the match. We're told that Charlotte has been outspoken about creative, regardless.

There were several backstage who had already suspected that things would go awry before the Smackdown, and numerous people that we spoke to say that both women were put in a lose-lose situation that got even worse based on how it went down. Charlotte went over the original plans backstage with Lynch, Sonya Deville, and those assigned to writing the segment. The confrontation took place as Charlotte Flair came backstage, and Becky Lynch had to go out to work a dark match with Bianca Belair. Vince McMahon was said to have been very frustrated with how things went down, though we haven't heard an update on if he's spoken with Charlotte Flair since.

Those that Fightful spoke to were not of the belief Charlotte accidentally dropped the title during the segment, as claimed after the angle.

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