Ricochet Says Lucha Underground Was A 'Beautiful Mixture' Of Production & In-Ring Style

Ricochet reflects on his time in Lucha Underground.

To this day, the Lucha Underground promotion is still talked about among the hardcore fans of wrestling, despite being defunct for over four years at this point.

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Many top stars in today's wrestling landscape such as Swerve Strickland, Rey Fenix, Brian Cage, Penta El Zero Miedo, and Rey Mysterio all wrestled in Lucha Underground at one point or another throughout the company's magical run.

Another top star that wrestled in Lucha Underground is WWE's Ricochet, who performed under the 'Prince Puma' moniker in the company.

In a new interview with Fightful, Ricochet was asked if there was ever anything pitched to him in Lucha Underground that didn't end up happening.

"No, not specifically. I mean, I think anything that got pitched, we did. Stuff that we didn't do probably just wasn't a good idea, but not like we pitched something, and it just didn't happen. I think anything that we wanted to happen, we tried to make happen because we were just trying to make it as different and just as wild and crazy as possible, you know, Lucha Underground vibes. They did some crazy — the Vampiro/Pentagon match, Killshot [Swerve Strickland] vs. AR Fox, they did some crazy stuff. even me and John Hannigan, Johnny Mundo at the time, coming off of [the perch in the Lucha Underground Temple]."

Ricochet also went on to talk about the production style of the promotion and how it mixed well with the in-ring freedom that the stars were given.

"I really enjoyed everything they were doing because, again, like you said, the style, the production of it was so different, but then when we got in the ring, they let us kind of just cook. Everybody there was so good, so new, and again, chip on our shoulder, trying to prove what they can do, so I think it was just a beautiful mixture of creation at the time."

Elsewhere in the interview, Ricochet talked about his strength and noted that he thinks he's among some of the strongest stars in WWE. Fans can learn more here.

Fans can see Fightful's full interview with Ricochet linked above.

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