Roman Reigns Heated After WWE Survivor Series WarGames Match

Despite winning WWE's first main roster WarGames match, Roman Reigns wasn't too pleased upon returning backstage after the match.

Fightful Select has learned that Roman Reigns was visibly upset after the Survivor Series main event, specifically about a spot within the match. It was rumored among those that we spoke with that Reigns took exception to what he perceived as an unplanned spot between he and Kevin Owens. As he walked backstage, he mentioned possibly having a ruptured ear drum, and wanted the spot to go as originally planned. The exclamation was said to have been "expletive filled" and it was clear to everyone that Reigns wasn't happy.

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Those that we spoke with didn't believe there would be any extended heat in regards to the situation, and that it seemed like more of a "heat of the moment" reaction, but that's only their perception of things. We haven't heard if a physical altercation that we'd learned of, and talent that we heard back from said that they expected the two to be able to coexist for work purposes. Another put over both Reigns and Owens as passionate about what they do and figured if there were issues, they'd end up talking about it directly. Reigns did not appear at the post-show press conference as planned.

In the follow up, we're told that it was a slap that Roman Reigns took exception to.

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