Ruckus Recalls Losing 220 Pounds For Possible WWE Run, 'I Was Happy Just To Be Considered'

Ruckus recalls talks with WWE.

Throughout his near 25 year career in the business, Ruckus has maintained his position at the top of the independent wrestling world, competing in a ton of matches for promotions like CZW, GCW, MCW, and RCW.

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As it turns out, the former CZW World Champion had talks with WWE at one point in time. While speaking to Fightful Overbooked's Indied podcast for a new interview, Ruckus recalled those talks, noting that he dropped around 200 pounds in five months to get ready for a possible opportunity with the company.

“It’s really anticlimactic, it’s not really a crazy story. Stevie Richards helped me get in touch with WWE originally. I used it to send tapes in, you know what I mean? One day, I got back from doing a tour for All-Japan, I remember coming home and on my message machine, Tommy Dreamer was on it. He said, ‘I wanna give you a job.’ I was like, cool. I was all pumped up about it, you know what I mean? We talk it over and I was told to get in shape, to get a TV-style body or whatever. So I did all of that, I dropped about 220 pounds in about five months and just got jacked, and I never used steroids or anything like that. I got in the shape I needed to get in and everything, but I was then told they were on a height kick, so now I’m too short and too skinny. If I would’ve stayed the size I was, it probably would’ve worked out differently. It is what it is.”

Ruckus went on to state that he wasn't bitter about the situation not working out, as he was happy to even be considered.

“I was happy just to be considered. Back in those days, nobody was really looking at us like that. When they reached out, and they were cool enough, they let me come up there — there’s nothing bad about it, it’s just business. Business is business, you really can’t be bitter about it. It’s not like you weren’t good enough to be there, it was just wrong place wrong time.”

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