Russo: A Good Swerve And Two And A Half Horrid Hours

The WWE presented a good main event tonight, with a SWERVE to boot, so I give the effort a thumbs up (even though Rollins telegraphed the finish). There were some thing I would have done differently in the match, but that's just a matter of taste. The other 2 1/2 hours were FORGETFUL to say the very least. Stephanie's monster boobs stole the show so I'll add a 1/4 of a star.


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  • Neville was one of the guys that I was really impressed with the few times that I watched NXT. Understanding that he's been injury prone--for obvious reasons--outside of his entrance Vince McMahon has done NOTHING with him. In my opinion Neville is better than Finn Baylor.
  • Glad to see that they are using more of the backstage area to film pre-tapes.
  • Not only WHY do you interview a jobber, but WHY do you interview a jobber who CAN'T CUT A PROMO?! Guess that's what happens when you have 3 hours to fill.
  • Did one of the announcers just say, "Nia Jax gives me the heebie-jeebies"?
  • Vince still loves his anal probe jokes.
  • Good packages to promote 4-way throughout. I'd rather see some kind of an angle, but that's me.
  • How can anyone care about Jinder Mihal vs. Sami Zayn? Come on, bro. At least it was short--thank you.
  • I wish wrestling writers wouldn't use the word "coward". Nobody uses that word today except them.
  • You just can't not absolutely LOVE BAYLEY.
  • Ecstatic that Sheamus vs. Cesaro is on. I can flip over to Teen Mom now.
  • Thus far Mr. Fuji tribute is the best thing on the show. Fuji General--YEAH, BABY!!!
  • I know I'm getting old and I don't comprehend things like I used to, but I have NO IDEA what that Stephanie/Heyman promo was. But, I do know this---Stephanie's boobs looked HUMONGEOUS!!!
  • Just don't think there's any steam with Titus vs. Darren Young.
  • A guy the size of Reigns going over the top is impressive. Dude is a great athlete.
  • I would have left Big Cass go to at least final 2. Just the way I would have booked it.
  • Rollins telegraphed the swerve. But a swerve nonetheless so I applaud it.
  • Ouy-Vey---if KOMANIA is upon us . . . I just want to go to bed.
  • I said I give WWE the benefit of the doubt waiting to see if Brock Lesnar was at all interested in becoming the WWE Universal Champion. I guess he wasn't.
  • Stephanie's sell at the end could make an interesting story . . . we'll see.
  • Fans chanting, "You deserve it". If I actually cared I'd want to kill myself.
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