Russo's Raw Blog: I Can't Do This Anymore

Half-way through this episode of RAW, I called Sean Ross Sapp, my boss, and asked him if I could start writing something else on a weekly basis opposed to the RAW review.

I'm sorry, I just can't watch this show any more. It's not fun for me and hasn't been for a long time.

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Hopefully, Sean will put me on another assignment.


  1. I will never care about TJ Perkins in his current presentation. Neither will anyone else except a very small, niche audience.
  2. Geez--a fourth match now between Kendrick and Perkins? Oy Vay
  3. ALAS!!!! The "official" Seth Rollins "babyface" interview! Thank you, Vince! Can't become a babyface without kissing babies.
  4. I dig Sasha in the bra, but does that mean she's now going to cut a promo on herself
  5. Everybody just books their own matches for no reason. There's not even anything to critique any more. What else can you possibly say that hasn't been said.
  6. I'm going to ask Sean Ross Sapp if I can write another article instead of this one. I just don't want to watch this show any more.
  7. Sami Zayn over Titus--would that ever happen in real life?
  8. Goldust/R-Truth vs. Anderson/Gallows. Man, they've gotten these guys over--no?
  9. Jericho and Owens are talking to two guys now. Don't know who they are. Don't care.
  10. One of the guys I didn't know was Ashton Kutcher. Last time he was over . . . so was WWE.
  11. Charlotte is far and away becoming best character on entire show. Wonder if it's because she got the "Russo rub" when she was about ten.
  12. Cruiserweights are next so I'm switching over to "Raymond".
  13. Don't wanna miss "Emmalina"!
  14. Only storyline ever used in WWE these days--"There two used to be best friends"
  15. Charlotte/Sasha left it all out there, with Charlotte almost killing herself with that corkscrew off the top to the outside. Yeah, I respect the hell out of them---that's why I don't want them to get crippled in the process.
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