Russo's Raw Blog: Truly Happy For Bill Goldberg, Neville Deserves Better

Another A-typical, nothin' happenin' RAW, was once again salvaged by a returning WWE superstar, this time Bill Goldberg. The fact that the WWE has to go back to its glorious past over, and over again to draw attention, clearly demonstrates their failure to create new stars in the 21st century. Somebody is failing and failing miserably. That somebody is Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Vince doesn't have a single clue what the mass television audience is looking for today.


  • It took 34 minutes for Vince to tell the exact same Jericho/Owens story that he told the last two weeks prior. SAME EXACT STORY. Not even a slight twist. To translate that--if you would have missed the first 34 minutes of the show you would have missed absolutely nothing.
  • Enjoyed Lita as an interviewer, and she did a good job. Unfortunately, lines fed to Charlotte were straight out of the Wrestling Heel 101 playbook. Boring.
  • Goldust/R-Truth/Mark Henry vs. Shining Stars and Titus. Come on.
  • Thank God an hour has already passed.
  • Saw a nice follow-up to Owens/Jericho which we rarely see from the WWE. Of course, Queen Stephanie killed the moment.
  • Sheamus/Cesaro arguing, New Day silly comedy. Nothing new here.
  • I wish I would have had the opportunity to work with Neville. He deserves so much better. Bo jumps Axel and nobody cares.
  • I wouldn't try to get Dana Brooke over at the expense of Bayley. Bayley is the money here.
  • Another Paul Heyman blow-hard promo where he says absolutely nothing.
  • Highlight of the night---Tyler Stinson and Curtis Cole appeared from Rocky Mountain Pro facing Strowman. Happy for them.
  • Sami Zayn challenging Braun Strowman? That's the equivalent of Barney Fife challenging Walker Texas Ranger.
  • Lana was smokin' hot. Same old Rusev/Reigns brawl. At least the heel got some heat.
  • Big Cass over Anderson. Grossly intriguing story here. That was a joke, of course.
  • Sasha Banks talking about, "Everything I've done in the WWE." Sweetie, you haven't even been here for a freakin' YEAR!
  • Cruiserweights. I didn't care, nor does anybody else.
  • Stephanie/Mick. Steph's oversell at the end made Tennessee Tuxedo look like an academy award winner.
  • Happy for Goldberg---very happy for him. Great that his wife and kid are able to experience the moment. Truly happy for the guy.

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