Russo's Raw Review: I Have No Desire To Ever Work For The WWE Again

I find it completely fascinating that my critics refer to me as being "bitter" when it comes to my criticisms of RAW. The question I always ask is, "What exactly is it I'm bitter about?" Am I actually bitter that I'm not working for the WWE, when it was my decision to walk in the first place? Doesn't make much sense- - - does it? So let me put this down in print so all the haters can hold me to it: I HAVE NO DESIRE TO EVER WORK FOR THE WWE AGAIN. Is that clear enough for you? I'd write that statement in my own blood, if my accusers were actually worth me blading. Trust me, THEY ARE NOT!

My criticisms are my true opinions. Like them, or not, doesn't affect me one way, or another.

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  • The minute Charlotte/Jericho/Sasha and Enzo were in the ring together, we all knew that the mixed tag was going to be booked. With that being the case, why did this segment have to drag on for 22 freakin' minutes? Just way too long to start a show without any type of action whatsoever. What exactly brought Jericho out? Were there any ties with Charlotte that I missed? I could listen to Enzo talk all day. Glad to see the heels get heat at the end.
  • Strowman squash second week in a row. Time to bake the cookies.
  • Why are all the matches made in Stephanie/Foley office simply by talent walking in? Didn't Stephanie and Mick book anything before they got there? Also, why are they always standing in the same place, in the same position, ALL THE TIME? Just blatant cookie cutter lack of creativity.
  • Finn Balor promo was horrible, and I don't care what kind of heat that brings me. The dude should be the Demon character with the cool entrances and never open his mouth. If anyone labels Finn's promo a "good one" they're lying.
  • If you are trying to build Rusev as a heel, why are you showing us his wedding pictures smiling like he just married . . . LANA?! Makes no sense. Throughout the whole match I'm looking at Rusev as 'isn't this the guy Finn Balor beat last week?' 50-50 booking will never get anybody over.
  • I still like Roman Reigns even though management has clearly knocked him down a few pegs.
  • If you are an adult IWC Mark, How do you feel when you see the commercial hawking the Scooby Doo/Undertaker cartoon? Stupid . . . I would hope and think.
  • Did Truth catch the Pokemon, or did it get away? I don't think that was ever determined.
  • Nia Jax squash match inserted here.
  • Wish there would have been more of a story to the Titus/Darren Young match due to their history as a tag team.
  • Cesaro vs. Shamus. Who cares?
  • Glad to see The Club get some heat on New Day
  • I was busy cutting my toenails when Heath Slater and that other guy were on my TV . . . so I missed it.
  • Sami Zayn wins a big one against Kevin Owens at the last PPV, only for it to all be washed away with a clean loss to Seth Rollins. Again, 50/50 booking is advancing NOBODY. If actually STORIES were involved in building these ICE COLD matches, you could creatively get away with beating people without really beating them.
  • Cost cutting idea for the WWE: have Brock Lesnar just go out there with a tape recorder and play Paul Heyman's repetitive speech. It's the same exact one I've been hearing for the past 2-plus years. 'My name is', 'Beast incarnate'---you know the rest.

See you next week.

Don't send cards and letters because I'll only toss them in the GAR-BAGE!!!


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