Santana Garrett Was Called Up To WWE Main Roster This Past Summer

The WWE roster is a little more robust with the addition of wrestlers that they aren't using.

After it's already happened a couple of times in 2020, Fightful heard of another quiet call-up in the form of Santana Garrett. The move actually happened months ago, and Garrett wasn't included in the October WWE Draft.

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Fightful Select reported the following.

Yet another "phantom call up" has happened in WWE. Fightful has learned that Santana Garrett was "called up" to the WWE main roster this past summer, but never debuted. Garrett appeared on Raw, Main Event and NXT throughout the spring, before vanishing after May. She reappeared on the July 1 episode of NXT, but hasn't been seen on TV since. We've heard that there were several creative pitches involved with Santana Garrett, including being involved in a tag team, but the pitch never made it through in the end. Earlier this year, Chelsea Green was called up and not used until November, and Vanessa Borne was called up as far back as February and not used.

Fightful wasn't given a reason as to why Santana was sidelined, but were just told that it has been happening more and more. We'll work to find out more about creative pitches for her.

Garrett worked for TNA for a few months in 2014 as Brittany, and figured into the title picture heavily during that time. She returned for a series of tapings in 2017 under her current name, and has worked all around the world, including NWA, SHINE, WOW and numerous other companies.

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