Sean Oliver: 'Kliq This' Has Been In The Works Since 2018, We Had A Few False Starts At First

Sean Oliver has revealed that 'Kliq This' has been in the works for a couple of years.

The world of podcasting has exploded in recent years, as nearly every company or pop culture entity seems to have at least one podcast if not an entire network. This is especially true for the space of professional wrestling, where seemingly every retired wrestler, and even current performers, all have podcasts.

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In a new interview with Fightful, Sean Oliver discussed the process that went behind the birth of his and Kevin Nash's 'Kliq This' podcast.

"It was people like you, Sean. I mean, I always enjoyed the shows. Kevin, obviously, enjoyed the shows. He was willing to do them for next to nothing. Which he doesn’t do. But people would talk and we would consistently see over the years, while Kayfabe Commentaries was still very active—not just the legacy stuff we’re airing now, of course, on YouTube—but people would request it and enjoy it. Then, even after that, it continued. The words that were thrown around were ‘chemistry’ and impossible things to prove. They just wanted to hear me and Kevin talk. He was talking. I was mostly asking questions. So that started. Then it was about 2018, I guess, when he said, ‘Well, let’s do a podcast.’ There weren’t as many wrestling podcasts in 2018. It’s like the baby boomers, the podcast boom happens and there’s a proliferation of little bastards running around called podcasts. Some should live; some should meet another fate, maybe. But there are a lot. There’s a lot of competition now for people’s attention. So in 2018 there was less so. But Kevin is still very busy. He’s retired from the ring, but he’s often obligated to other wrestling promotions for other things."

Oliver continued on and noted that 2018 was just the beginning of things, as it would take nearly four years for things to actually get up and running.

"His travel schedule’s pretty crazy, too. So after a few false starts, we talk about it. I’d get random texts at two in the morning. Like, ‘Me. You. Podcast. Call me tomorrow,’ and I’d call, we’d talk and it just would never gain traction. So finally this year, he said, ‘It’s now or never. There’s just too many out there. We’re gonna have to do this.’ I said, ‘If we’re gonna do this, it’s gonna have to be a commitment to do it the right way. It’s gonna have to be a real deal for people. It’s gonna have to be a reliable thing for folks.’ That was it. We were off to the races. We went a hundred miles an hour and now Kliq This is a thing."

'Kliq This' airs on a weekly basis and can be found wherever you listen to podcasts.

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