Sin Cara: If I Was Angel Garza, Humberto Carrillo And Gran Metalik Should Be Upset By WWE

Neither version of Sin Cara took off for WWE, for categorically different reasons.

Sin Cara, formerly Hunico, now Cinta de Oro asked for his WWE release in late 2019, and has been on the outside looking in ever since. One of his last opponents, Andrade, has done the same, and expressed his frustrastion about how latino talent is utilized or lackthereof. Cinta de Oro spoke with Fightful and agreed with his take.

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"I think it only comes to show that they don’t care about Mexicanos. It’s true. Now they say they want to do great things in Mexico. This is my way of thinking. Why would you want to segregate the talent? Instead of giving them an opportunity on your brand over here on RAW and Smackdown next time. Why would you have to segregate a talent and put make them their own brand just because you don’t want to use them over here. It doesn’t make sense," he said.

Cinta de Oro pointed right at WrestleMania as his primary example. There were no Mexican-born wrestlers featured on the show whatsoever.

"Like what I was telling before for my decision to leave. It only makes my decision that I was right for leaving it. That I wasn’t making it up or that I was leaving because of my ego or because I thought I was better than the company or all kinds of stuff they started saying. It was because we don’t get the opportunities that we actually want to get. Like I said, how many guys were in WrestleMania? How many Mexicanos were in WrestleMania? None. Not even one and the Latino star was not even a wrestler Nothing against Bad Bunny, you know? He’s an amazing artist, people love him and great that he represents. But, at the end of the day, if you’re a wrestler, I would be very upset if I was a wrestler and not having myself in WrestleMania and getting that opportunity. If I was Carrillo, if I was Garza, if I was Metalik, I would have been very, very upset with that decision because I’ve been there for many years or a year or two years, whatever you’ve been there, and I don’t get that opportunity? Then somebody else comes and takes it, something’s wrong, right?"

In addition, WWE released Kalisto, and American-born latino talent.

You can see our full interview with Cinta de Oro at the top of the page.

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