Velveteen Dream Has Heat For Preferential Treatment Backstage, Return Kept Close To Vest | Exclusive

D-R-E-A-M has H-E-A-T.

Velveteen Dream's return to NXT received a polarizing reaction from the fanbase following allegations against Dream that surfaced as part of the Speaking Out movement.

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Speaking with CBS Sports, Paul “Triple H” Levesque stated that Dream, whose real name is Patrick Clark, spent time away from WWE because of a car accident that he suffered injuries from. He reiterated during the media call for NXT TakeOver XXX that they looked into the allegations and could not find anything serious.

“We take all of these things very seriously, allegations or misconduct of any nature, we take very seriously. I'll stand by what I said with CBS; we looked into it, didn't find anything there in the manner of what we were looking for and we moved on. It doesn't change the fact that we take it seriously and if there's something there, we'll look into it. That goes across the board for anybody.”

Fightful has learned new information regarding the backstage reaction to the return of Velveteen Dream.

The return of Velveteen Dream was kept very private, and most wrestlers only knew about it in the minutes ahead of the NXT show in which he performed. There has long been significant heat on Velveteen Dream for behavioral issues and what is perceived as preferential treatment in multiple situations that would have had most anyone else fired. This was also the case with his return.

WWE has not provided any update on disciplinary action taken towards him for any incidents or accusations, and Fightful contributor David Bixenspan has been looking into his car punching incident, which has some unique snags to it.

Dream will take part in the Ladder match to crown a brand new NXT North American Champion at NXT TakeOver XXX. Fightful will have live coverage of the event beginning at 6:30 p.m. eastern time.

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